Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Falling Into You by Jasina Wilder

5 Star Review by Heather


I wasn't always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first. Kyle was my first one true love, my first in every way.

Then, one stormy August night, he died, and the person I was died with him.Colton didn't teach me how to live. He didn't heal the pain. He didn't make it okay. He taught me how to hurt, how to not be okay, and, eventually, how to let go.

“Strength is learning to live despite the pain”

This book draws you in from the beginning and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Kyle and Nell have been best friends their whole lives. Kyle starts wanting more, but doesn't want to ruin his friendship. So one day he decides to kiss her! That kiss changes it all. They go from just best friends to dating. Their parents are worried at first. They don't want their friendship to be ruined. They tell them it will all work out. Then two years later they want to go out of town for the weekend alone. Since they are both 18 the parents agree to let them go. This is where their lives are forever changed.

"I wanted nothing more than to climb into that box with him and quit breathing, find him in whatever came after life."-Nell

Nell doesn't do so well after the funeral. She still blames herself for his death. She runs out of the building crying. This is how Colton finds her. He doesn't know what to say, but he understands her pain. He may not have been close with his brother, but he loved him. He decides to help Nell out and escape form her parents. He takes her to the cemetery and then when she runs away from there he is the person who decides to run with her knowing that she needs this. He doesn't try to stop her and make her get in a car. Later that night she sneaks out and hears Colton playing his guitar and goes to see what is up. They proceed to try and drink their sorrow away.

Nell goes to NYC to get out of town. Here is where she runs into Colton for the first time since that night. She tries to not have feelings for him, but she can't help what she feels. She still lives with the belief that she is to blame for Kyle's death. She harbors so much guilt that she doesn't really live. Through Colton she learns how to let go of the guilt and learn that she is still alive and that her life is worth living. It may be difficult, but it eventually will become easier. She learns that she will never forget Kyle, but she needs to remember the good.

Go along for this journey of Nell's heartache and growth.

I gave this book 5 stars and would definitely recommend as a great read. Jasinda Wilder what an AMAZING book! Definitely in my top 5 of the year!!!!

Can't wait to read Falling Into Us!!!

“I'm falling into you. You're an ocean, and I'm falling in, drowning in the depths of who you are.” Colton


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