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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Wish I May by Lexi Ryan

~ Synopsis ~
I grew up wishing on stars. 

My father taught me to believe…in destiny, in magic, in happily ever after. Dreams were my scripture and the starry night sky was my temple. Then Mom stopped believing, left him, and took us with her. At the age of sixteen, I cashed in my dreams to pay the rent, pawned my destiny to keep my sisters together.  

Now, seven years later, I’m returning home, grieving the death of my mother, and settling my sisters back into the life Mom threw away. I never intended to stay. I don’t want to deal with my father, who is so invested in the spiritual world he forgets the physical. I don’t want to face William Bailey, whose eyes remind me of the girl I was, the things I’ve done, and the future I lost.

This would all be easier if Will hated me. As it is, I have to hold my secrets close so they won’t hurt him more than they’ve already hurt me. But he wants to be in my life. He wants what I can’t bring myself to confess I sold. He wants me. 
I find myself looking to my stars again...wondering if I dare one more wish.
~ Our Review ~
5 Star Review by Annie
Holy hell! This book was absolutely amazing. It had me hot and bothered from all the sexual build-up. When it finally happens, and boy does it happen, it left me out of breath with a racing heart. It was as if I was in the book. I seriously experienced my first bookgasm.
Okay, I'll admit at first I was like "Ewwww! A book about William, Gross! I can't stand him." Then surprisingly by chapter one I started to warm up to the idea, and even started liking William. By the end of the book I was all "Ohhhhhh William(in my best panting voice)!"
Cally left New Hope, her life and her first love William behind. Making promises to return and make their long distance relationship work, but sometime promises are meant to be broken. With her family life in shambles Cally is forced to make hard decisions that will change her for forever, and force her to let go of William!
7 years later tragedy brings Cally back to New Hope, and delivers her directly in front of Williams’s house. Some call it an accident, others call it fate, but either way it leads to a whole lot of drama mixed with sexiness. Can Cally finally deal with her past? Or does it finally catch up with her? 
Wish I may was a fantastic read. It was better than the first book, which is shocking because I didn't think it could get any better. Lexi Ryan did an amazing job at capturing my attention and keeping it all the way through. I hope Hanna and Max get a story. Big girls need love too ;) I give this book 5 stars!
 ~ All About Lexi Ryan ~

Lexi RyanNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author, writes romances with humor, heat, and heart. A former college English professor, Lexi now writes full time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two children.  


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Schasm by Shari J. Ryan

~ Synopsis ~

When reality utterly fails you, there is always the comfort of the land of dreams. Chloe Valcourt, a tormented nineteen-year-old young woman, has for twelve years hovered between a daily life dominated by an abusive mother and an imagined alternate world that exists only in her mind’s eye. Can she keep track of which is real—and whether or not she is real, too? Schasm is the mind-bending young adult romance by Shari J. Ryan that mines the heart of darkness, where one young woman seeks light in her own shimmering daydreams.
A psychological condition has captured the body, mind, and soul of Chloe, and thrust her into the hands of probing doctors at the continued mercy of her tyrannical mother.  As she struggles to break free of the grim life into which she was born, she continues to suffer the daily assaults from her mother and the dispiriting weakness of her dejected father. When Chloe unexpectedly finds herself drawn into a new, warm life abundant in love and romance with a kindhearted man named Alex, the escape at last gives her a happiness that she's never been allowed to feel. However, when hidden truths reveal a life that she cannot remember, Chloe finds herself lost between what is real and what isn't.
Blending extreme daydreaming, alternating realities, and multiple personalities, Schasm is a gripping tale that treads the thin line between a harrowing reality and the captivating terrain of an imagined world. As Chloe plays too close to the edge of insanity, her multiple realities clash, leaving her to question everything, including her own existence. Anyone who relishes a flight of fancy with richly drawn characters and surprising twists of plot will be immersed in the strange new world of Schasm, where nothing is at it seems.

~ Excerpt ~

The open snow-covered field is mesmerizing to look at, and as I stare at it while whizzing by, the snow begins to melt into a blur and turns into the texture of sand. The sand leads my eyes to a blue ocean, rather than the white sky, and the branches of pine trees curl outward as they turn into palm trees.

I experience a brief sense of excitement, thinking I’m heading to my happy place, but it quickly becomes overshadowed as I feel myself choking on water that’s now flooding through my mouth. With an attempt to clear my lungs and throat, I try to force myself to cough up the liquid, but instead of freeing my lungs I end up inhaling more, forcing me to choke even harder. I can’t breathe, and my vision is becoming so blurry that I’m unable to see anything other than some strange curvy lines. My once soothing thoughts are now turning into a panicked frenzy, and all I can do is try to breathe through the breaks of choking. But it seems useless since I just end up inhaling more water. I try to open my eyes again, but instead I become overwhelmed with a burning sensation similar to having soap in my eyes. This is ridiculous!

After what seems like an eternity with no air or sight, I regain some of my vision. I quickly try to focus on what’s going on around me, but before I can make anything out, the scorching sensation returns again. A feeling of impending blackness comes over me as I succumb to the sensation of drowning, and I feel weightless and numb. My body has stopped struggling, and I find some comfort lying on whatever soft surface I appear to be on. As the weakness continues to take over, lethargy begins to set in until I unexpectedly feel two arms underneath me. One arm slides under my legs and the other under my neck. I’m lifted up with ease and carried a few feet from where I was and then placed back down again.

By turns, pressure is being applied to my chest and air is being blown into my mouth as my lips are soothed by a smooth, dispassionate sensation. I feel the rush of trapped water racing up my lungs, through my esophagus, up through my throat, and out of my mouth. The movement fortunately allows me to gasp for air, and after a few free breaths, I feel it’s safe to open my eyes.

There’s a guy in front of me, and he’s dripping wet, kneeling over my body with a concerned look as he tries to catch his own breath.

“Are you okay?” he asks in a soft-spoken voice, his mouth still only inches from mine.

I attempt to respond, but the only thing I can manage to do is cough up more water, right in his face.

He swiftly lifts my head up off of the ground, forcing my airway to open a bit more, and it thankfully seems to help with the choking. After another grueling minute of coughing up more water, I look around and see that I’m sitting just a few feet away from the ocean. I also notice a surrounding crowd of people gawking at me with alarmed looks.

~ About The Author ~

Shari J. Ryan has always dreamt of becoming an author and finally decided it was time to pursue her lifelong aspiration by writing her debut young adult novel, Schasm. She has long nurtured a passion for art, reading, and writing, and those hobbies have become a mental escape from her busy life. In the past year, she has put her heart and soul into the creation of her novel, which has taught her that it is never too late and nothing is too hard. The author graduated with a bachelors of science degree from Johnson & Wales University and has written hundreds of articles for various online publications. She is married with two sons.



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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Never Let Go by Scarlett Edwards

~ Synopsis ~

The start of college heralds new beginnings and new friendships.  It gives every girl a chance to reinvent herself.

I go and screw mine up by meeting the most gorgeous guy I’ve laid eyes on in five years while talking to my cat outside my dorm.

But Andrew Crowner is far from judgmental.  After helping me move my things to my room, he has me smitten by his easy manners and kind smile.  And from the way his eyes linger on me before he leaves, I start to think that maybe I’ve caught his attention, too.

I let myself believe that luck might finally be on my side until I stumble upon my roommate… and her overnight guest.

Spencer Ashford.

Lean and tattooed, sexy as sin and dangerous, Spencer is exactly the type I want to avoid.  I would have no trouble with that… were it not for his swift and inexplicable interest in me.

In the span of a week, I go from a girl with next-to-no experience with boys to one caught in the cross hairs of two totally different men.

Andrew’s interest is wholesome and sweet.  Spencer’s is edgy and raw.  The  choice should be easy.  But there are always complications, and sometimes, matters of the heart take the least expected turns.

Goodreads ~ Amazon

~ Our Review ~
4.5 Star Review by Annie

Never Let Go will hold you captive the whole way through. You will not want to eat, sleep, or tinkle, because it will take time away from this book. Yes, it is that good!  Once you finish the book it will still have you thinking about it. Lately I have been in a book rut, yes, I have read amazing books, but nothing that has captured me. This book ended my rut.

After taking care of her dying grand-mom, Paige finally gets her chance to go off and experience college life. What she doesn’t expect to do is meet two totally opposite smoking hot guys on her first day. On one hand she has Andrew, the pretty boy do-gooder and on the other hand she has Spencer, the hot motorcycle riding man whore.

Never in her life has she had two guys wanting her, let alone two hot guys. After all she went to an all-girl school and is still a virgin…..GASP! Take that all and mix in a crazy sexual roommate and a fun loving pussy…cat that is….and you get yourself an AMAZING read.

I give this book a 4.5 Star. I know I said this book is amazing and all that jazz, so why not a 5 star? I felt like I wanted more of Paige’s back story. What we were told about it was just not enough. I need more! I want more! Plus it kind of, sort of ends with a cliffhanger. Not one that is too bad, but one that will have you screaming at your kindle for more.
~ About The Author ~

I’m Scarlett Edwards.  I wrote my first book as a college sophomore.  After six months of edits, it made its debut as Yours to Savor.

That was at the start of 2013.  I’ve written more books since then.  You can find them all here.

It’s funny how quickly life changes.  I used to think I’d need a degree to get a “Real Job.”  Then I wrote a few books, they got somewhat popular, and now I’m living the life as a full-time romance author.

Thanks to all my readers for making my dream come true.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Unspoken Memories by Gabbie Duran

~ Synopsis ~

She awoke with no memory of who she was, but one clue will lead her to him…

Abigail Adams had it all, she's a gorgeous supermodel, has a wealthy fiancé, and a career on the rise. But that quickly changes when she wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything. The only memories she does have are not her own, but of a total stranger.

When Abigail discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she leaves him and runs to the arms of the one man she is hoping will give her the answers she seeks.

Matt Garcia is used to playing the field, keeping his heart guarded, but then Abigail Adams unexpectedly shows up at his door hoping he will be the answer she is looking for. Will he finally learn to take a break from his no strings attached lifestyle and show her that she doesn’t need her past, but the future he is willing to offer her?

With every unspoken memory she regains, will she learn to open up her heart to a total stranger, or will she keep it guarded like he does?

Goodreads Book Link:


~ Our Review ~
4.5 Star Review by Heather

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride.  This book has a very big kindle throwing worthy moment.  I actually had to put my kindle down and walk away.

Abigail is just waking up from a coma.  She doesn't remember who she is or anything about her life.  She remembers one phone number, but had no idea whose it is since it isn't in her contacts.  She is determined to find the owner of this number.  When she meets Matt, the guy who had this number she is hoping to get all the info to bring her memory back, but is sadly disappointed when it doesn't.  She ends up being good friends with Matt and wanting more from him, but he doesn't do relationships.  Can she open her heart to a man who has a commitment phobia?

Matt is happy living his life as a bachelor with a different girl for every day of the week.  He is thrown off when the famous model Abigail Adams shows up on his door step.  He instantly feels a connection to her, but knows he can't be in a relationship.  He knows he will only hurt her.  How many times can you hurt someone before they finally walk away?  Will he finally be able to settle down with just one woman?

This book has me still gasping for breath after reading it.  My stomach was in knots.  This is definitely a must read book.  I couldn't give this book 5 stars, because I feel it was lacking in the ending.  It left too many questions hanging.  I am looking forward to reading more books by this amazing author!!

~ Bonus Scene ~

Hotel scene when Abigail finally wakes up next to Matt.

Matt’s POV:

I feel her stir, but I stay laying there, holding onto her, hoping she’ll go back to sleep because I really don’t want to let her go. She feels so good in my arms, exactly where I love having her. I normally get up before her and leave her alone in bed, not wanting to give in to my lust of taking her right there and then. This time I don’t think that’s going to happen unless she goes back to sleep because I’ve got a boner that isn’t blamed on a normal morning wood. Nope, it’s from knowing that I’m lying in bed with the most beautiful girl that has ever walked into my life.

After seeing just how sexy she looked last night, I’m surprised with myself for not taking her right there in the club. I was tempted, so damn tempted. Trust me, I was using every ounce of my will power to not take her right there on the fucking dance floor with all the body contact we had last night.

Feeling her stir again, I stay still as I hold her tighter. I start to slowly rub her back, hoping it will help put her back to sleep. She’d better go back to sleep or else I just might have to put an end to both our sexual frustration.

I feel her body tense up all of a sudden and I’m pretty sure she’s realized she’s not alone in bed. “Morning beautiful.” I whisper into her ear.

She rapidly sits up and even though I can’t see her face, I know she’s panicking right now. Then I start to take in her naked back; knowing just how silky smooth her skin feels against mine. I want to feel again. She finally turns around to look at me and I stare into her pretty eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with.

“What happened last night?” she asks me with a confused look on her face.

I sit up and wrap my arm around her waist to bring her body once again against mine. Tucking her head against my neck like she loves. I’ve known for a while that she likes it and I’m not complaining. I laugh, thinking about it.

“Calm down. You were passed out by the time I got out of the bathroom. I didn’t think it was fair to have to sleep on the couch when this bed is big enough for the both of us. Although, as usual, you do like to hog the covers.” I tell her.

“We didn’t do anything did we?” I could hear the hesitation in her voice when she says it.

Shit, if we had done something I would be just as excited, but unfortunately I was a very good boy last night. I don’t know if I could take it anymore though.

Wanting to feel her I start to rub my hands against her smooth skin again, rubbing her legs with my thumb. It’s the simplest of contact, but the heat of the touch as I make contact runs all the way up my hand. Satisfying me.

“As much as I would have loved to do something with you last night, I want to make sure we both remember, if it ever happens.” I tell her, not being to keep the want from my voice.

She surprises me by rubbing herself against my body and I feel her wetness against my leg. Making my cock strain to life. I close my eyes, trying to control the hunger I have for her right now. The only thing keeping me from spreading her legs and thrusting my hardened cock deep into her, making her scream my name is my fucking underwear. I knew when I fell asleep I had better leave them on, keeping a barrier between us.

“Abigail, you don’t know what you’re asking for right now.” I growl at her.

She starts to kiss the skin of my neck, fucking driving me insane. All the pent up sexual need I’ve had for her for the last couple of months is going to make me blow my load right now if I don’t get her under control.

Wanting to feel her, I stick my finger into her pussy, savoring just how warm and wet she is for me. Her moan alone is heaven as I spread her further with another finger.

“Damn, beautiful, you’re so wet and warm.” I whisper into her ear, wanting her to know just how much I love touching her.

Needing to take control, I pull my fingers from her pussy and throw her onto her back, straddling her body. I don’t usually do this, but with Abigail, I’ve come to learn everything is different. I’m staring down at her beautiful face, admiring how sexy she looks right now. Taking her hands and locking them above her head, making her beautiful breast thrust up towards me. Her whole body is like a feast for me. One I plan to take and devour very slowly.

As I run my hand down her body, feeling the heat radiating from it, it’s electrifying every nerve in my fingertips. I bring my mouth down to her ear to take it into my mouth, teasing it completely like she likes. Grabbing onto to her breast, I massage it slowly, wanting to enjoy the feel of her tender flesh.

“Matt please, I can’t take it any more.” She begs.

Knowing that if I don’t take it slow I might end up hurting her, I focus on her sweet little sounds she makes as I touch her body. Wanting to hear more, I move my mouth down her body. From her neck, to the valley of the breast, then finally taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking it with no boundaries. When I move onto the other, her moans increase, making me want more.

I feel her try to wiggle her way from under me, but I tighten my legs and keep her locked in place. Needing to move lower, I finally let go of her arms and make my way down her body. She lets out a giggle, reminding me that she’s ticklish. “I forgot that you’re ticklish.” I say to her as I look into her eyes.

Taking both of her hands, I hold them down at her sides to keep her from moving them along my body. The contact of her touch alone was not helping me keep control of my body. Wanting to taste her, I run my tongue along her stomach and her body taste so delicious. I can’t fucking wait to know just how sweet her juices are going to taste inside my mouth as I make her come.

“Matt, you in there fucker?” Trey yells, banging on the door. “Get the fuck up, we gotta go!”

“Fuck.” Abigail groans in frustration and I know exactly how she feels as my cock cries in desperation, knowing that I’m not going to get to finish what I started.

I chuckle at her reaction, “Sorry beautiful, I have to go.” I tell her, not knowing what else to say.

I quickly jump off the bed and search for my clothes, hoping the distraction will allow my cock to calm down. There’s no way I’m going to survive Trey mocking me if I walk out of here with a fucking boner.

I walk over to the door and take one last look at her, not able to resist myself. “See you at home beautiful.” I say, as I wink at her before I leave the bedroom.

The look on her face as I left hurt deep down inside of me. I walk away, realizing that Trey’s perfect timing is a blessing in disguise. There’s now way I would have been able to walk away from Abigail once I’ve entered her, which would have made me miss the flight home. As much as I need to blow my load, it’s just going to have to wait until I get back. Which couldn’t come fast enough.

~ Playlist ~

~ Author Bio ~

Gabbie is a Southern California native, who currently lives in Washington with her wonderful husband, two amazing kids and a senior citizen kitty. When she’s not writing you can find her reading or sneaking off for a run. Some might say it’s a crazy life, but she wouldn’t change anything about it.

Facebook Author Page:


Goodreads Author Page:

~ Giveaway ~
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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Let Me In by Michelle Lynn

~ Synopsis ~
Grant is damaged, selfish, and undeserving of love…or so he thinks.
Jessa is happy, in love, and has overcome her past…or so she thinks.
Grant and Jessa can’t stop thinking about one another since being introduced at a party a month ago. And despite their differences, they can’t seem to stay away from each other either. However, both are hiding secrets of less-than-perfect pasts, fearing what will happen when those mistakes come to light. As they grow closer, they each battle their own insecurities, and neither believes that they are worthy of the kind of love that they both still want. So if it’s true that opposites attract, what happens when the similarities begin to surface?

~ Excerpt ~
By the time we get to the dance floor, we are packed in like sardines, barely able to move, let alone dance.  Rob places his hands on my hips and tugs me to him while placing his leg between mine.  This whole dirty dancing thing is throwing me for a loop.  What exactly are we doing here and dancing like this? I stare up at him with confusion and he gives me a cat-that-ate-the-canary look before pointing to the corner.
I stop dancing and turn my body around but Rob grabs me again and brings me against his crotch.  Trying to search where he was looking, my eyes scan the crowd but I don’t see anything except a sea of drunken people making out with each other.
“Right there, Jessa,” he whispers in my ear and I follow his finger. My stomach drops when my eyes find Grant pressing some girl against the wall. He has her cornered while his lips devours her neck and his hands hike up her dress.
“Wish it was you?” he whispers and chills travel up my back.  I automatically attempt to step away from Rob, but he pulls me back. “Not the angel you thought he was, huh?” he laughs.  He twists me around to face him and although he’s laughing his comment off, I can’t help but feel like he means it. Panic arises as I wonder if Rob has seen something. God, did he see that kiss on New Year’s?
Rob keeps me wrapped in his arms when a slow song starts, but I can’t get my mind to erase what I just saw.  As Rob’s breath tickles my neck while he sways me back and forth, I desperately want to see what Grant’s doing.  I knew he wasn’t a monk, but I didn’t think he was the kind of guy who fucked a girl up against a wall in the middle of a club either. After the song ends, I tell Rob that I need to go to the bathroom. He places his hands on either side of my face and starts to kiss me.  Thrusting his tongue into my mouth, he doesn’t let up.  It starts to feel possessive, as though he’s trying to prove to everyone I’m his. Eventually I push him away and he laughs while I stalk off. 
~ Author Contact Info ~

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Irreplaceable by Angela Graham

~ Synopsis ~

It wasn’t his fault she lay broken and battered. He wasn’t responsible for the injuries covering her bruised body.

Her heart, however, told a different story. She endured the pain of its jagged edges as it shattered against her chest, ripping through the hope she once held. Her spirit was broken, and only one man was to blame for that.

Cassandra Clarke had known better than to trust her all to a man like Logan West. She’d thought he was different—a better man than he’d portrayed to others. A man worth risking it all for.
But she was wrong, and would never make that mistake again.
What happens when you question everything you longed to believe—deny all emotions you still hold for a man unworthy of them?

Faced with Logan’s persistence, Cassandra must find the strength to keep her guard up or risk falling again for the one man her body feels…is irreplaceable.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

~ Our Review ~
5 Star Review by Heather

OMG! I loved Inevitable, and I couldn't wait to read this book. This book will have you so frustrated that you will literally have to walk away from your kindle. OMG I am still pissed about some of the things that happened.

Cassandra is trying to physically and mentally recover from the brutal accident she had.  The physical doesn't hurt as bad as the mental.  She wants to walk away from Logan, but doesn't know how.  She tries to push him away and tells him to move on.  Does she mean it?  Is she going to lose him?

Logan is full of regrets over the accident he feels responsible for.  He doesn't know what to do since Cassandra keeps pushing him away.  He doesn't want anyone else, but he begins to think he should move on.  He has the added stress of his baby momma trying to walk back into their lives.  Can he convince Cassandra he is a changed man? Or will he lose her forever?

WOW.  All I can say is you must read Inevitable and then read this book. These are must read books!!!  I am bummed we have to wait till early 2014 for the final installment of Cassandra and Logan.  It is going to be another emotional read and I am ready for it now!  Go and get these books NOW!

~ Author Bio ~

I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges.

My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.

New Adult romances are my go to books to read as well as to write. They are young, fresh and full of hope. What's not to love!



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