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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Coherent by Livia Jamerlan

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Coherent (Consensual #2)
Livia Jamerlan
Erotic Romance
~ Blurb ~

A tragic past. A forgotten week. A broken heart.
When Braelynn wakes up in a hospital bed with a week of her life missing, she turns to the darkness that she didn’t know she craved.
Lost and confused she’s left empty.
Addiction. Fear. A broken soul.
Peyton Haas is self–assertive, determined to get what he wants, and for the first time in his life—in love.
But is he willing to face the demons that haunt Braelynn?
Their love was like no other—steamy, heart–stopping… Beautiful.
It was the first time the either of them had let someone in. But one week was all it took to change their lives forever.
Will their love be enough to keep them together? Coherent, book two in the Consensual Series.

Coherent Teaser 2

     ~ About the author ~ 

Livia Jamerlan is the author of Divided. She is also a hopeless romantic who is always looking for her next love story to pop in her head. Though Livia kept a journal throughout her early life, she never thought about pursuing a career in writing. She always used it as form of therapy, pouring her heart out into words. It wasn’t until a story developed in her head that she decided maybe she could write a book. At first it was just an escape from reality, but now she uses it as a power to put all her feelings, hopes, and fears on paper. Deciding it was time to tell her story, she began to write. With each passing day the story grew, characters were formed, and what seemed like a hobby at first has now become a passion for Livia.
She is a New Jersey Native who loves spending time with her husband and two dogs Buddy and Daisy. When she is not writing or hiding behind her Kindle, you can find her with outside, gardening, at a local shopping center enjoying some retail therapy, or enjoy a pepperoni pizza

~ Giveaway ~


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Blog Tour Schedule for Bittersweet Hate by J.L. Beck

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Cover Reveal: Breaking Bennett by Anne Jolin

Author: Anne Jolin

Genre: Romance/Erotica

Series: Rock Falls Series, Book 3

~ Synopsis ~

Beth Rhodes has always had a game plan. Go to college. Get the perfect job. Get the perfect guy. Get the happily ever after she's always wanted. It is just her luck that everything falls into its precise place in her life. At least it seems that way until her blueprints go up in smoke. She loses the job she loves and her price charming is turning out to be the villain of her fairytale instead. With failures and mistakes piling up on her doorstep, she knows something has to give—or she could very well end up paying for those mistakes with her life.

Braxton Bennett is lethal, both in the courtroom and in the ring. Two sides of him constantly wage war against one another, and to keep the internal bloodshed at bay, he allows himself to indulge in his violent vice. Suit by day and brawler by night aren’t easy dual lives to manage for a man of his status. The only way to do so is by following a strict set of rules—rules he won’t break for anyone. But what if he already has?

On a summer night in the depths of the city, a chance encounter will turn both of their perfectly constructed worlds upside down.

Will they battle together against all odds to break Bennett’s rules? Or will Rhodes tap out to save herself before the fight is over?

~ Cover Information ~

Melissa Gill - MB Book Covers

Rodney DeShawn Logan 

Steve Gehrke 

Anne Jolin

I’m twenty four years old. I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns and riding in trucks. I’ve been married to my handsome redneck husband for a year and we are parents to our chocolate fur baby, Bear. No kiddo’s yet! I am completely and utterly obsessed with country music, you will constantly find me stalking iTunes. If you don’t find me on iTunes, you’ll find me on Netflix because I am a self proclaimed movie junkie. Yes, that means that I quote them constantly in daily conversation and my characters do too! You couldn’t keep me away from a good action movie if you tried. I’m also a planning nut. I love to plan parties, events, trips – you name it! I don’t know if that’s considered a real hobby, but it is for me. 

We were fortunate enough to travel a lot as a family growing up, and I think that helped spark my love of reading. I’m half Viking, my mom is Danish, and her entire side of the family still lives in Denmark. We’d visit them almost once a year, every year and it’s a nine hour flight. That’s a lot of uninterrupted time to read (or in my parent’s case, entertain four children – Yikes!). Somewhere along the way my love of reading, became a love of writing. I wrote short stories when I was younger, and although I majored in Business Management at college, I took as many English electives I could get my hands on. 

During the day I work at my family construction company wearing a variety of different hats and at night, I write! I had never thought about writing books before, but after a few suggestions that I should try, I decided to give it a go. I loved it instantly! Having always been a creative person, it felt amazing to harness all that energy and use it to tell a story. Now, quite frankly it’s all I can think about, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful to have developed my love of reading into a passion for writing. You’ll be seeing many more books from me in the future!


~ Social media links ~


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Blog Tour Schedule for Bound to the Past by Lauyrn Michaels

September 24

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September 26

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September 27

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September 28

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September 29

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September 30

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Cover Reveal: Stay by B.a. Wolfe


Title: Stay (The Keaton Series) 

Author: B.A. Wolfe 

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 18+ 

Publication Date: October 20, 2014 

Cover Design: Bookfabulous Designs LP Hidalgo 

Event Organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

~ Synopsis ~

Fate took Cassandra down a path she never expected. Then a small town in Colorado gave her exactly what she needed—until tragedy left her heartbroken and devastated. Alone with only her child and her memories, Cassie struggled to put her life back together, one day at a time, piece by piece. Finding love again was something she never thought possible. That was, until she ran into an unlikely stranger who flipped her entire world on its axis. Aidan had a secret locked away in his heart; one that would surely send Cassie running the second she discovered it. He held onto her closely and kept his secret guarded, but one careless mistake could reveal all. Their friendship was strong, their moments beautiful, and the love that brewed between them intense—something neither denied. The only problem? Cassie was slowly letting him into her life. Could she let herself get close to the one person she didn’t think she should? Her mind tells her to run, but her heart tells her to stay.    


~ Excerpt ~

       “God, he’s gorgeous, Cass,” Mel gushed, pulling me out of my thoughts. I followed her swooning eyes and immediately found the source standing by the bar. She was right about one thing: he was definitely good looking.

       His hair was dark; his jawline was sharp, complimenting his clean-shaven face. His body was hidden under a pair of dark jeans that hung on his hips and a button up shirt that was layered under a casual suit jacket. He looked professionally polished. He also had more than just mine and Mel’s eyes on him.

       I bit down on my bottom lip. Something else stuck out about him. I glanced back at Mel. “He looks familiar, doesn’t he?”

       She deepened her gaze on him, wrinkles forming around her eyes. “Eh, kind of. Why don’t you go talk to him?” She wiggled her brows.

      “No. I’m not here to pick up guys. I already have an awesome one back at home.” My voice was playful, but my insides clenched at the thought of talking to a guy—especially that guy.

      “Yes. That’s true.” She held up one finger as if she’d just discovered how they get all that caramel into the Caramilk bar. “But this guy can actually take you to dinner.” She laughed and I gave her an exaggerated eye roll. Suddenly, she sat straighter. “Looks to me like you’ve been noticed too. Someone’s hot-ass eyes are locked on your back. I think he knows you were ogling him.”

      “He does?” My heart went from normal to pounding in zero point three seconds. “How?”

      “For real?” She gave me the you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-meglare. “He’s been looking over here all night, but he caught you just as you turned around. I wasn’t able to hide my looky-loo eyes, sorry.” She shrugged as if to let me know she wasn’t sorry. “What if you do know him? School, maybe?”

      “I don’t know. I guess it could’ve been college. He looks older, though.” The urge to see him up close was something I hadn’t experienced before. It was powerful. “Okay, I’ll go, but just because I need to know where I’ve seen him before.” I couldn’t even admit to myself that part of me wanted to talk to this attractive man just because.  

Add to Goodreads

~ About the Author ~


B.A. Wolfe is a girl with a passion for reading and writing, and lives in the good ol’ state of Colorado with her husband (her biggest cheerleader), and her two crazy min pin fur babies. These days, her life is anything but calm, and there isn’t one thing she’d want to change. B.A. spends all her free time either furiously typing stories on her laptop or happily reading through her endless T BR on her Kindle. Her list of favorites would be long enough to fill a book, but most would likely fall under the romance category. She is a sucker for a good love story that makes her cry, and an amazing book boyfriend who will melt her heart. ‘Away’ is B.A. Wolfe’s debut novel.

~ Connect with the Author ~

Release Day Blitz and Giveaway: Indiscretion: Vol. 4 by Elisabeth Grace


We're so excited to celebrate the release of fourth and final volume of INDISCRETION by Elisabeth Grace! Make sure to get your hands on the last installment of this steamy serial to find out what happens!


~ Synopsis ~

The image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched. Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the pain coursing through me? Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered in the wound. I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming… Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a happy ending in which the two of us were together. 

Add it to your Goodreads list here!

~ Review ~
5 Stars 

This is a must read series!!! You really need to read this series in order or you will be lost!!  Just think now you can read them all back to back!!!

Chloe and Max have a lot pushing them apart in this book.  Can they work together to stay together?  Or will their initial just sex rule play out in this book?

Chloe knows she wants Max and has fallen in love with him.  She can't tell him though.  It was suppose to be a summer fling.  Just sex, no commitment.  But when circumstances change with her job will she risk opening up to Max? Or will she let him walk away at the end of the summer?

Max has feelings for Chloe, but is fighting them.  He doesn't believe he deserves her or her love.  When something bad happens he needs to get away.  He will not drag her down.  But does running help or make it worse?  Will he come back for Chloe?  Will Chloe open her heart up to him?

This is the final book in this serial and you will love it!!  You will be pissed and want to throw your kindle in a couple spots.  But I think my favorite part of the book was the epilogue!!  I have a thing for epilogues and this one was just amazing!!  Well done Elisabeth!!  These are my favorite books from you!!!  Cannot wait for more amazing books from you!!

Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume One
Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes
Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Two
Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo iTunes

Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Three

Goodreads | Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo iTunes

~ Excerpt ~

Eventually I pulled my head up to look at him. He brushed my hair off my face and held it back, giving me a kiss. “There’s nowhere I’d rather be right now than right here. No one I’d rather be with,” he said, his voice serious. I opened up my heart, as difficult as that was, finding the courage to let myself believe him. Maybe I was a fool, maybe I would end up with a broken heart. I couldn’t be sure. But life was full of surprises, both good and bad, and where Max was concerned I decided to throw my tendency of always having a plan and looking ahead at what the future held out the window. I’d enjoy this and whatever emotions came along with it, for as long as it lasted—and once it was gone I’d enjoy the memory of it. I refused to regret one minute I spent with Max, regardless of the eventual outcome. He was the one that had helped me to find myself again. He was the one who had given me the courage to allow myself to really feel again. And, as I was discovering, with feeling came the good and the bad. But if you never passed through a storm, than you’d have no appreciation for the rainbow.

~ Giveaway ~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

~ Connect with Elisabeth Grace ~

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram

If you're US based and you want to receive a text message when Elisabeth has a new book go LIVE, text ROMANCE to 313131!

Release Day Blitz: Melancholy by Bella Jewel


Title: Melancholy (Jokers' Wrath MC, #2)
Author: Bella Jewel
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2014


~ Synopsis ~

"There's never been a time I've cared about anything more than my club. Today that all changed. Today I got you." 

To truly understand a story; you need to start from the beginning, but to start from the beginning; you have to go back, further than just you. After all, our stories don’t start with us, do they? Our stories start with the person before us, and the person before them. We are created from the stories of those people - from their mistakes, from their achievements, from their love and their hate. 

No one’s story is ever truly their own. 

I tried to create my own story, my own path, and my own actions. I’ve seen things people only see in their worst nightmares, but I never let it beat me down. I never let it become who I was. I picked myself up, and I kept going. Everything was what it was. 

There was no point analyzing what it could be. 

Could be’s didn’t matter. 

Until Maddox came into the picture. He saved my life. He changed my world; giving me the second chance some of us only dream about. There was only one thing missing in my second chance, and she was the reason I fought so hard to survive. 

My sister. 

My sister who is supposed to be dead, well, at least, that’s what I thought.

That’s what he told me. 

Now is where my story changes, but to understand this story, you have to start at the beginning…where it all began…and before. 

This story is the second book in a series. You can get the first book on all major retailers. (Precarious - Jokers' Wrath MC Book 1) 

This contains no cliffhanger and has a HEA. 18+  

~ Review ~
5 Stars

I have been anticipating this book since I read Precarious.  I needed to know what happened with Maddox and Santana.  These two grip your heart in book one and you will fall even more in love with them in this book.

Santana doesn't know what it up with her and Maddox.  He took her in five years ago and saved her.  They are constantly pushing each other away.  She doesn't realize that Maddox wants her.  She only seems him as controlling and protective.  She doesn't realize her true feelings for him until she finds out that he did something with her best friend.  All hell breaks lose and now she is recovering from a gun shot.  She doesn't want to be a prisoner so she does some stupid shit that may cause her to get herself killed or others.  Can she figure out her life before something bad happens?

Maddox has feelings for Santana and has for a long time.  He just doesn't know how to deal with those feelings. So he ignores them and sleeps around with the club whores. It isn't until Santana freaks and runs after finding out about what he did with Ash that he realizes she may have feelings for him also.  But can he finally open up to her?  Or is there a bigger obstacle standing in his way?  Can he tell her the truth of her sister?

This book was amazing!!!  I loved everything about it.

Jokers' Wrath MC 
Jokers Wrath MC series
Precarious (Jokers Wrath MC, #1)
Melancholy (Jokers Wrath, MC, #2)

~ About the Author ~ 
Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.
Check out more of Bella's work
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