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Release Day Blitz and Giveaway: Wait For Me by Eleanor Green

Wait For Me
Eleanor Green
May 4, 2015
~ Synopsis ~

Cooper Sterling has been in love with Briley Sheffield since fifth grade, when he asked her to marry him on wide-ruled paper crafted into the fold-and-tuck square. But life isn’t that neat and tidy. Years later, defending Briley from an attack lands Cooper in prison, powerless to protect her and unable to convince her to wait for him. When a failed engagement opens up the possibility of a relationship with Cooper, a mysterious envelope threatens to slam shut every door in Briley’s path. Now she must choose . . . risk the stability of friendship she has with Cooper, or put everything on hold and solve the mysteries of her family secrets. 
Wait For Me is book 1 of a 2-book series, but can be read as a standalone.

~ Review ~
5 Stars 

This book had me glued to my kindle.  I couldn't devour it fast enough.  But after a certain part I found myself wanting to skip ahead so I could see if what I predicted would happen.  My stomach was actually in knots over what I predicted and I didn't know if I could move forward.  That there makes a great read!!

Briley is having a rough time.  She misses her best friend Cooper.  She doesn't like that he won't let her come visit him.  She blames herself for causing him to go away.  When her life is completely in shambles she has no one, but her mom.  She wants Cooper though.  She knows he's coming home soon so she endures the pain alone.  Once he gets home things get awkward.  She wants him but is so damaged by what her ex did to her that she pushes him away.  Will she finally push him away enough to cause him to fall into another woman's arms?  Will she ever admit her feelings for him?

Cooper is finally happy to get out of this hell hole.  He doesn't regret what he did to get in here, he'd do it all over again.  He would do anything to protect Briley.  He's been in love with her for years even though she doesn't know it.  Once he gets home he's determined to finally tell her how he feels.  He doesn't want to lose her, but he can't handle all the rejection.  Is he going to wait for Briley, the girl he loves?  Or has she finally pushed him into the arms of another woman?

I just want to say this book was amazing.  I didn't realize there was going to be a book two!!  That's good and also has me worried about a certain someone.  I cannot wait for the next book to see what happens next with Briley and Cooper!!!

~ Also by Eleanor Green ~


~ Synopsis ~

When Katie Harrington becomes engaged to Branson Stone she believes her life is right on track for all her dreams to come true. However, flashes of a life she never lived haunt her—leading her to discover a past that has been purposely erased from her memory in order to protect her from horrible truths. The look on her fiancé’s face as she retells everything she remembers will forever be etched in her mind. Instead of catching and comforting her, he lets her go. Retreating to the family’s cottage on the Outer Banks for the summer, Katie’s heart begins to heal. She succumbs to the allure of a dangerously handsome local, Aidan Romero. But as soon as Katie begins to let go and move on with Aidan . . . Branson finds her. Now Katie is torn between two lives—facing her painful past with Branson, or moving on with Aidan and keeping the secrets safely buried forever.

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~ Eleanor Green ~

Eleanor resides in Tennessee with her husband and two children.
She enjoys the things everyone else does—reading, writing, cooking—but is also an adventure seeker. Terrified of cats, passionate about hot tea, allergic to being cold. Still left on her bucket list: getting lost in Italy and being invited in for dinner by a sweet family, eating a scorpion, and growing old by the ocean.   
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