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Cover Reveal: Unbearable by Shantel Tessier

Unbearable Amazon GR SW

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~ Synopsis ~


How do you survive the loss of a mother you thought didn't love you...until it was too late?


How do you forgive the person who hurt you the most?


How do you survive the person who won’t let you go?


How can your heart continue to trust the person you thought you knew?


How many secrets are too many?


How can you say no, when your body screams yes?


How can you deny a love that has no boundaries?

lade and Samantha's story continues...

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~ About the Author ~


Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, and their three year old little princess. She considers herself extremely lucky to be a stay at home wife and mother. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends her time with family and friends.

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Find out how Samantha and Slades story begins... Undescribable

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Have I Told You by F.L. Jacob

~ Synopsis ~

Caston Black has it all, according to the outside world. The owner of the best-selling gentlemen’s magazine, Black Hollywood, has good looks, fame, fortune, and a reputation that precedes him. He can have any woman he wants, as long as he doesn’t keep them. Caston sets his sights on Sabrina for his next Hollywood Sweetheart. Little does he know he will find the woman to share his life, the one he is meant to keep forever.
Sabrina Bennett has been in a mentally and physically abusive relationship that has destroyed the beautiful, confident dancer who arrived at college three years ago. She thinks the only good thing left in her life is her abusive boyfriend. Keeping her boyfriend happy is her number one priority, no matter how impossible. She’s been broken and molded into a frightened, unsure girl desperate to be worthy of love. 
Meeting by chance one evening, sparks fly between Caston and Sabrina. Neither expected the feelings they bring out in each other. Trying to have a normal relationship in their abnormal world is almost impossible, happiness is a new way of life for the lovers. They want to move forward, but the past won’t let go. 
Can Caston help Sabrina heal from her past abuse? Can Sabrina show Caston he is as strong as he appears to be? When is the price of love too much? What do you do when the biggest threat to the person you love is you? 

 ~ Our Review ~
5 Star Review by Heather

This book is super HOT! Make sure to have some extra panties as this book will melt yours off!  If you don't have a man around make sure you definitely have B.O.B available.

Sabrina is in a relationship she doesn't know how to get out of.  She is not happy.  She is constantly in a state of shock after meeting Caston. Caston makes her feel good about herself and doesn't allow her to talk bad about herself.  Can she open up to Caston after her bad relationship?

Caston has a sordid past.  He isn't proud of the things he has done, but they have made him the man he is today.  From the moment he sees Sabrina he knows he wants her.  He especially wants her in his gentlemans magazine.  He doesn't expect to have feelings for her and for those feelings to be so strong.  Can he convince Sabrina that he isn't a bad person?

This book is amazing even with the cliffhanger ending.  I cannot wait for book two.  I wish we could have it NOW!  This is a must read book.

~ Teaser ~
Sabrina’s legs gave out from under her. I sunk to the floor with her, cradling her to my chest. All the commotion had made people on the dance floor and the music come to a halt. Everyone was staring up here. Sara, thankfully, was right there to draw the curtains to shut us off from the rest of the club.
“Sabrina, please settle down. Shhh, baby, please.” I stroked her head, trying to calm my hysterical girl.
Sara fetched a glass of water and knelt down to hand it to her. She laid her hand on Sabrina’s shoulder and kissed her ivory skin.
Sara looked up and caught my eye. Her look was pure resentment. She had almost the same experience with me and Beverly.
“You have to get her out of here, Cass,” Sara spoke in a hushed tone.
I know.” I mouthed back. Tears were burning my eyes, but I couldn’t let them fall. I had to be strong for her.

~ Author Bio ~

I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and my love for reading had fizzled over the years but thanks to a wonderful group of ladies that I met last year I started reading again. Their love for books turned me on to many great writers who I would have never discovered if I hadn't started reading again!

I started writing for them. They brought out my love for writing that I haven’t seen in years. Starting this process was tedious and nerve wrecking, but my lovely ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.


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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Ink My Heart by Jean Haus

~ Synopsis ~

Even if he weren’t the lead singer of the popular college band, Luminescent Juliet, Justin Noel would have his pick of women. And he does pick. Nightly. Tattooed, blonde, and green eyed, he flashes his dimples and females swoon.

Except for one.

Tattoo artist, Allie Landon, rarely dates, and especially not men like Justin. Though he’s hot enough to melt off permanent ink, she’s done with the bad boy type. But when the ex who broke her heart wants to reunite, desperation has Allie introducing her latest client as her boyfriend. Justin’s more than happy to play the part. He’s completely intrigued by the sexy artist and college student.

However, Allie’s life isn’t what it seems. There’s little room in it or her shattered and confused heart for Justin. But as Justin remains persistent, ignoring the growing attraction—both physical and emotionally—between them becomes more difficult than tattoo removal.

*New Adult. Recommended for mature readers due to language, drug references, and sexual situations.

~ Our Review ~
3.5 Star Review by Annie 
Tattoo's. Check.  Lip Rings. Check. Rock Band. Check.  What else does a good book need? Ohh that is right you need a hot leading male that makes your panties wet with excitement.  Justin will do that with one side smile. 
 Justin is a rich pretty boy, who lives life to the fullest.  His parents were never around, so he did whatever he could to get their attention.  That means tattoos, sleeping around and being in a band.  One night he stumbles into a tattoo shop, and as soon as he hears Allie's voice something inside him is intrigued! The only problem is how can he possible make her give him a chance when all of his past sexual encounters keep coming out of the woodworks. 
Being a female tattoo artist has Allie used to guys coming into her shop and flirting with her.  She has learned to develop walls.  After all, she has been burned one to many times.  She has secrets and scars from her past, and she is just not sure she is ready for her heart to be broken again.  Justin is just that.
  A heartbreak waiting to happen. Justin. Justin. Justin!  What can I say about this man other that....HOLY HOTNESS!  He is super-hot and can make any girl in her right mind swoon.  Who doesn't love a bad boy?  
The characters in this book where a little off.  Don't get me wrong I did have a connection with them, but it just wasn't right. I needed more from them.  I was slightly disappointed.  It is almost like there was too much drama, and not enough character development.  For this reason, I found myself skipping through the paragraphs.  I give this book 3.5 stars! 
~ Author Bio ~    
Jean Haus writes young adult and romance novels.  She reads a lot too.  Anything with a bit of romance has the possibility of being loaded on her Kindle.  She even does a bit of cooking, which is actually quite good.  She also golfs in the beautiful summers of Michigan with her awesome husband and son, but she cooks way, way better than she golfs.
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Book Blitz: Burn's World A Love Triangle by Eve Rabi

Title:  Burn's World - A Love Triangle

Author:  Eve Rabi

Book Genre:  Romantic Fiction

Book Publisher:  Indie (Eve Rabi)

~ Trailer ~



~ Synopsis ~
You never forget your first love.  Burn couldn't either. When blonde-haired, blue-eyed Brody McGaw askes her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck.  He's the kind of guy she can only dream of.  In record time they start dating, and she is thrilled when she can finally change her Facebook profile status to 'In a realtionship'.
However, Brody's mother has huge political plans for her family and she makes it clear they do not include someone with Burn's color.  When Burn suffers a severe bout of self-loathing because of Dawn McGraw's words, she is forced to make a decision that will break her heart.
Enter Trojan Catrell, a street thug and an enemy of Brody McGraw's.  He wants what Brody has and he pursues Burn.  Since her heart still belongs to Brody, Burn's not interested in Trojan and the money her throws her way.  However, Trojan has no intention of taking no for an answer.
He gets what he wants, but he soon finds that there are three people in their lives, him, Burn and Brody.  A messy triangle that lasts for years ensues.



~ Excerpt ~

“First rule of business – gotta be a
win-win situation, know what I’m saying?”

“Eh, well, I don’t have a business and I
don’t have much to give you. How much are you wanting?”

“I don’t want your money!” His tone is

“Oh, okay.” I scratch my head and look
at him. Maybe I should talk about me changing my story about the gun incident?
“There’s nothing else I can give you that you’d …”

I want you.” His voice is

almost a whisper.

I look at him with huge eyes. “I’m
seventeen!” I blurt.

He shrugs.

I frown. “I …I don’t do shit like that.


I shake my head.

“How come?” His tone tells me he doesn’t
believe me.

My turn to shrug. “I’m doing it right.
I’m waiting for the right guy before I give it up.”

His eyes turn to slits.

“And I want to be eighteen when it

“You serious?”


“Not even for white boy?”

“Not even for white boy.”

He folds his arms across his chest.
“Don’t know if I believe you. I mean, you’re here asking me to save your boy,
but you tell me that you haven’t given it up to him as yet, even though you …?”

“Love him? Yes. But I guess he doesn’t
want to go to jail either.” I take a deep breath and cover my eyes with my
hand. “Can we talk about something else? I’m getting really awkward here.”

He smiles.

“Back to your question – seriously, what
do you want from me in return?”

“That.” Again, his voice is soft but

I peer at him in disbelief. He wants my
virginity? Is he fucking nuts? “I told you, I’m seventeen. You’ll go to prison and a pretty boy like you will get
lots of sex there.”

He smiles.

“I’ll wait till you’re eighteen.” His
voice is way too serious for my liking.

I stare at him, flabbergasted by this
whole conversation. “That is the most indecent proposal I have ever heard …” I
turn away from him then turn back to him. “It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy!”

My rant does not faze him. “That and three dinner dates with you.”

My jaw drops.

“Since I have to wait six months for my payment, it
will be a ‘meanwhile’ scenario.”

“I …I …” This is so fucked up. “Why me? I mean, there
are so many other girls around who are more experienced …”

“Cos you’re white boy’s girl. I want …
what he has.”

“Because I’m … “I shake my head in
disgust. “That is really fucked up, Dreads. It really is.”

“Maybe. But it is what it is, know what
I’m saying?”

Of course I know what he’s saying. “And if I say no?”

He runs his hand slowly over his face, then locks eyes
with me. “Then we have no deal.”

I stare at the ground as his words wash over me.
“You’ll wait six months?”

“I’ll wait six months.”

"'s heartbreaking, it's also hilarious. 
I laughed so hard my stomach hurt."
"keep you on the edge of your seat."
"It was hard to turn off my Kindle and go to
sleep or get anything else done as I just wanted to keep reading."
"I loved every moment!  Bravo, Ms. Rabi!"
"It had everything drama, action, humor, love, hit so many levels
I'm considering reading another one of her series."
"One of the best series I have read in a long time."


~ Author Bio ~

Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South
Africa.  She is the author of 20 books and is known for
her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you cry
and make you laugh as you fall in love.

She loves music and cannot live without it.  She also enjoys dancing,
(was a Latin dance instructor years ago) and keeps her kids in line
by threatening to bust a Zumba move in front of their school assembly.


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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Out of Time by Jen McLaughlin


~ Synopsis ~

Desperate to keep him...  

I've finally gotten everything I ever wanted: love, freedom, happiness, and, most importantly, Finn. Our love is everything I expected it to be and more. We've finally found each other, but the world seems determined to tear us apart. We thought my father was the only obstacle between us, but now it's the military. With Finn’s departure looming, we’re squeezing in every moment together before we run out of time.    

Trying to make every moment count…    

Being Carrie’s bodyguard was one thing. Being her boyfriend is another. Every day she’s mine is a day the sun shines in my life. Yet our time together is running out. Her father will never think a tattooed Marine will be good enough so I’ll do with whatever it takes to be worthy of her love. But the road will take me away from the girl who makes me feel alive--the girl I can't live without.  

Time only gets us so far...


Jen McLaughlin (aka Diane Alberts) is also offering up a special contest. For every 200 adds she gets on goodreads for OUT OF TIME before the release (December 3rd), she will reveal 5 pages of the book early!

If the book hits 2500 adds before the release, she will release a bonus scene from Finn's POV!


~ Teasers ~
~ Author Bio ~
 Jen McLaughlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She writes steamy New Adult books for the young and young at heart. Her first release, Out of Line, came out September 2013. She also writes bestselling Contemporary Romance under the pen name Diane Alberts.Since receiving her first contract offer under the pen name Diane Alberts, she has yet to stop writing. She is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.
Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, a cat, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another. Her goal is to write so many well-crafted romance books that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

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New Releases: November 2013

Four Seconds to Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths #3) by K.A. Tucker- November 4th, 2013

Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles #1) by Sophie Jordan- November 5th, 2013

If Only (Masters of the Shadowlands #8) by Cherise Sinclair- November 5th, 2013

Colters' Gift (Colters' Legacy #5) by Maya Banks- November 5th, 2013

The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski- November 5th, 2013

Mine (Real #2) by Katy Evans- November 5th, 2013

Jagged (Colorado Mountain #3) by Kristen Ashley- November 5th, 2013

Rumor Has It (Animal Magnetism #4) by Jill Shalvis- November 5th, 2013

Working It by Kendall Ryan- November 11th, 2013

Beautiful Broken Mess (Broken #2) by Kimberly Lauren- November 12th, 2013

A Little Too Much (A Little Too Far #2) by Lisa Desrochers- November 12th, 2013

Aftershock (Afterburn  and Aftershock#2) by Sylvia Day- November 12th, 2013

The Other Side of Love (Forever Love #4) by J.S.Cooper- November 14th, 2013

Beautiful Beginnings (Beautiful Bastards #3.5)  by Christina Lauren- November  18th, 2013

Fighting to Forgive (Fighting #2) by J.B. Salsbury- November 19th, 2013

Cherry Popper by K.A. Andrews- November 19th, 2013

Searching For Someday (Love Spells #1) by Jennifer Probst- November 24th, 2013

Hard As It Gets (Hard Ink #1) by Laura Kaye- November 26th, 2013

Forever Us (Forever Black #3) by Sandi Lynn- November 26th, 2013

Crash Into You (Pushing the Limit's #3) by Katie McGarry- November  26th, 2013

Remy (Real #3) by Katy Evans- November 26th, 2013

Worn Me Down (Playing With Fire #3) by Tara Sivec- November 2013

Tempting the Bodyguard (Gamble Brothers #3) by J. Lynn- November 2013

Book Blitz: Almost Lost by T.L. Sieving

Almost Lost Cover

 Title: Almost Lost
Author: T.L. Sieving
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: November 5, 2013
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Amazon US | Amazon UK

~ Synopsis ~
After a betrayal she never saw coming, Luciana Stevens moves to New York City to carve out a new life for herself, starting with her first semester at NYU. She quickly learns her roommate is the very wealthy Sam Renault, whose father owns one of the most powerful financial firms in the world. Introduced to a world that she never knew existed, full of glamor and unlimited perks, sexy A-list actor, Jax, ignites her interest from the moment they meet. As she lets go of her heartbreaking past, she opens herself up to a world of passion and love she never expected as Jax treats her the way she's never been-- like a goddess. But after an unexpected and dangerous turn of events, along with the blossoming of an unlikely friendship, Lucy will be forced to re-evaluate her love life... forever.
~ Excerpt ~
I can't find the batteries anywhere, Sam must have moved them. “Yo, woman! Where are the AA batteries I just bought?” “Check my vibrator!” Really, Sam? Thankfully we're the only ones here. “Nice, Sam, are they seriously in there?” “Yea, I was out! What's more important, watching sitcoms or getting off? Come on, you should understand this better than me since you've missed out on 'man made' orgasms for the past four years!” Oh my God, can she be any louder? Although, she did have a point. “Hey, you want to open the door and yell that down our street Sam, or…” Shit! Really?! “Oh, Hi Jax,” I say as I see him standing by the door listening to us. “How is it that you've gone four years without an orgasm?” Jax asks me with a smirk. “Oh Jax, that is not a very gentleman thing to ask. But isn’t it usually the gentleman’s fault?” I say in a fake southern accent and chuckle. He laughs before telling me, “Lucy we will talk about this!” We are so not talking about this. Most of the time we end up staying in and drinking a bottle of wine while we watch movies or TV shows. Those are the best nights. Tonight is different. We are going to the ‘Green Door,’ an extremely private restaurant that is exclusive for VIPs. We don’t go to places like this often, but we are celebrating our new place and Sam’s graduation tonight so it's in order. Sam graduated in four years with top honors and is going to work for her dad who owns the largest investment firm on Wall Street, Renault Financial. “This isn’t fair Lucy. In four years I can’t come up with a better word than gorgeous but I need one for you. You’re striking. You take my breath away.” Jax says as he wraps his arms around me. Jax screams pure sex even when he walks around in his casual clothes. He looks even better than when we met four years ago. I love how he’s so complimentary to me. He always calls me gorgeous and I always blush. A girl needs to hear that every once in awhile and I certainly don’t mind hearing it from a man of his stature. His hug lingers and I feel this jolt of electricity as he holds me in his arms. As his body's pressed against mine I can feel how tight his chest is. I'm suddenly very aware of his entire body against mine. I react with a sense of excitement in my core that I haven’t enjoyed in so long, and it feels amazing. Welcome back, sex drive.  I’ve missed you.
~ About the Author ~
I have always been an avid reader. I used to hide under the blankets with a flashlight just to stay up late reading. That same passion for
books never left, I still hide just to get a few quiet minutes in to read a book. Once I start reading I get stuck in the books world and don’t want to come out. If you see me looking at my phone I’m probably reading a book, not texting or on social media sites like people probably assume.  When I start a book I like to finish it that same day, so good luck talking to me.
I have had these characters from the never forgotten series in my head for a long time. They demanded I let them out recently and writing their story came naturally. It was re-writes and edits that took more time than getting the story on paper.
I really wish I took more editing classes in college, the Political Science classes aren’t paying off as well as English classes could have. I have a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters in Business Administration.
I have just started writing but I have three books planned for this series and the next series is in my head ready to come out. I plan to keep writing until my husband or kids hide the computer (or tablets).
I would love it if you left an honest review. I welcome all feedback.
You can follow me on Facebook and Goodreads.
~ Connect  with the Author ~

Series Facebook Page | Author Facebook Page | Goodreads | Email