Thursday, April 11, 2013

Interview: Author Erin Noelle


We had the pleasure of being able to sit down and chat with Erin Noelle author of Metamorphosis and Ambrosia, which is due out in June 2013.

What made you want to become an author?

I never set out to become an author exactly. I originally wrote Metamorphosis for the ladies in my book club. When I first started it I thought it would be a short story or novella, but once I started writing, the story just kept developing inside my head and I ran with it. Once I was finished, with the help and encouragement of Nicole Reed, I decided to self-publish it online.

Are there any authors inspire you?  
There are really so many that I hate to even list any. As I mentioned earlier, Nicole Reed was the driving force behind me while I was writing and seeing her success with self-publishing Ruining Me and Ruining You was a huge inspiration.
Are you surprised by the overall reaction to your work?

Surprised would be a serious understatement. I never in my wildest dreams expected any of this, but I love the people that it has introduced me to. I have met some amazing new friends all thanks to this book.

Where do you do most of your writing?

I do all of my writing in my bed, late at night.

How do you so to put yourself in a mood to write?

Music! Music is huge in my inspiration/ mood setting.

Are you Team Ash, Mason or undecided?

I am both Team Ash and Team Mason; however, I am not undecided. I will never decide between the two, they are both my babies. They each deserve a HEA.

What was your favorite scene to write in Meta and why?

The last chapter/ epilogue was definitely my favorite part.

How did you come up with the characters and what was

 your inspiration for them?
Ooh this may get a little lengthy; I'll try to keep it short.
Scarlett ~ named after my granny's favorite book/ movie lead character; she was my response to the
 numerous books I had read with the "virgin girl and the magic vagina;" Scarlett was a virgin by force not choice, she isn't easily offended and she isn't overly whiny (key word is overly), and she makes mistakes just like everyone else.
Evie ~ the best friend that every girl needs by her side.
The guys ~ of course each of the guys were to represent a book boyfriend sub-group.
Dylan ~ named by my sister, All-American college boy, pretty selfish shallow character.
Ash ~ the hippie surfer/ deep thinker; represents the cerebral part of love; he is brilliantly smart and
 recognizes the consequences of love gone bad.
Mason ~ the bad boy rocker; represents the physical component of love; he shows his love through touch, but like all of our favorite BBs, he has past demons of his own.

 Which character did you have the most fun writing?
Evie, for sure. I loved her spunky attitude and huge heart.

Did you cry when you wrote Evie's scene?
Yeah, I did... a lot because she was my favorite character. It's one of the reasons I didn't make it longer than I did.

Is Ambrosia the last in this series?
No, I think there will be two more books in the series. However, this will end Scarlett's story. Whoever Scarlett doesn't end up with will get book three and book four is for Max.

In Ambrosia, are you going to tell us what Ash and Mason

 went through while Scarlett was gone?

Yes, quite a bit happened during the time she was gone that is going to affect their future relationships.

What made you decide to write Ambrosia from Ash, Mason

 and Scarlett's POV?
I personally love reading dual POVs in a book. I haven't ever read one from three different POVs, but I know there are a few. I feel like offering all three POVs really gives great insight and allows the readers to connect more with all of the characters.

Do you prefer writing female POV's or male POV's?

I think I may enjoy writing the guys POV more because it's the only time I get to control what a male says and does! No, seriously, I like both ~ I think writing the guys POV is a little more fun because you can be kind of rough around the edges and I get to cuss a lot :)

Do you know who Scar is going to pick? Or does it keep

Yes, I know who she is going to end up with in this book, but I thought I knew the end of the first book too and that all changed for me... so anything can happen!

Thank you Erin for your support and time!!!!!

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