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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Pulse by Gail McHugh

~ Synopsis ~
How do you keep existing when your heart is so splintered, so completely torn to shreds, your pulse is fading?
You’re…broken.  How do ou move forward when every breath is nothing more than a constant ache?  Living becomes and insidious reminder that you threw away the single largest part of yourself. Your…soul.  No amount of distraction can pull you from the torture of losing your…life.
Now that Emily Cooper has walked away from her first love, she finds herself running toward her only love.  Unraveling fast, bust clinging to hope, Emily risks all she has left on the man that has consumed her every thought and dream since the day they met.  Will Gavin take her back?  And if so, will their reunion be a collision of two hearts destined to complete one another and rekindle a love that knew no boundaries?  Or will scars from their past rip open, tearing slowly at what each of them was meant to be?  Can fate, the ultimate game changer, mend the shattered road it laid out from the start?
Only time will tell…
~ Our Review ~
4.5 Star review by Heather
This has been a much anticipated sequel for me.  I was a little disappointed and I can't really explain why. I just needed a little more of something.  

I really loved how Emily seemed to get a backbone in this book.  She didn't let anyone walk all over her, she stood up for herself.  She is trying to prove to Gavin that she does want him in her life and she can be trusted.  Does he except her back easily or does he make her work for it?
Gavin had a rough time watching the girl he loved planning to marry his friend.  He wants to give Emily another chance, but is afraid she will be able to leave him again. Can he forgive her?  Can he get her to forgive him?

This book was amazing.  I loved how we got the conclusion to Emily and Gavin.  Gail McHugh knows how to keep an audience captivated.  Great job on this series Gail!!


~ Author Bio ~
I've always been a lover of writing, but mostly dabbled in creating poetry while raising my three beautiful children. I am grateful my husband of fifteen years has supported me—albeit sometimes kicking and screaming—as I pursue this "hobby" of mine. Without his help, writing would be an impossible endeavor.
In late June 2012, I felt an urgent tug of my pen, and I began writing one of my first novels, Collide. Although I thought it might never see the light of day, it gave me the courage to plunge headfirst onto a path I had never considered before.

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: In Spades by K. Pinson

~ Synopsis ~
Avalynn has been running from her past for a couple of years now....never very far but always extremely fast. With an alcoholic father, a void of a mother and a town full of gossip, she struggles to find her place in the world.The only thing that saved her on her path of self destruction is her beautiful little sister, her miracle. Desperately trying to save Abby from a life that Avalynn has been trying so hard to escape from, she plots to take Abby away.The plan going dangerously astray, leaving Avalynn beaten and broken in what once was the hallway mirror in her childhood home. Avalynn finally comes to in the hospital after nearly being beaten to death. Father-Dead, Mother-Missing, Abby-In foster care--Everything changing in the blink of an eye.

 Avalynn immediately sets to work to get her life in order , receive custody of precious Abby and focusing every ounce of attention, giving Abby the the life she deserves. Avalynn, now a 22 year old Elementary School Teacher and New Mommy, struggling to raise a beautiful and feisty five year old whom was just diagnosed with Mild Autism Disorder. Lots of challenges for her to face in the midst. Avalynn is ready to go at them all head on if it means Abby is raised in a happy and healthy home. Abby is the only thing she cares about...not even caring about herself or her life...that is...until she meets him. The man that can shatter her entire world with one glance. Their relationship a roller coaster ride from start to finish. One that Avalynn never wants to get off of..but she may not have a choice. Her happily ever after coming to a screeching halt yet again. Heartbreak, love, loss and hope--This story has it all, In Spades.
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~ Our Review ~
4 Star review by Heather

This a good book.  It brings out some strong emotions.

Avalynn (Ava) is struggling to get her life back after a brutal childhood.  She almost dies, but doesn't let that prevent her from getting her life in order to raise Abby, her baby sister.  She finished school, gets custody of her sister and then moves away.  She doesn't want to meet anyone because it will disrupt her and her sister's life.  She only wants her sister to have a perfect life and grow up feeling loved.  Will she allow herself to come first? Will she let herself live life and love?

Daxton is a cocky rock star.  He is very closed off about his past.  He just wants to work and play in his band.  He doesn't believe there is one girl out there for him.  Until the night he meets Ava.  It was supposed to be a one night stand, but he couldn't let her go.  Can he love her and Abby? Will he help her be able to love?

This book is a fast read.  One thing that I was bummed about is it is a cliff hanger.  It is really annoying to read a book thinking it will end and then have it be a cliff hanger.  With that said it was still worth the read and I can't wait to find out what happens with these characters.


Title: House of Cards (Mirrored #2) 

Expected Release date:  August 2013

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~ Synopsis ~

Daxton James holds the world in the palm of his hands. He has finally met the love of his life and is more than ready to start a family with her and her precious daughter, Abby. He has the best friends that anyone could ask for, a career doing two things he loves the most-music and helping people and his family piecing themselves back together, slowly but surely. Everything has fallen into place in his life and he couldn't be more happy about it.

There is only one problem---He can’t remember any of it.

Daxton was involved in a serious accident which has left him fighting for his life, while his loved ones wait in the midst, unsure if he is even going to come out of it alive. Thankfully he does, but his short term memory can’t say the same. He only remembers the Daxton he had been years previous. The playboy, the rock star and hopelessly devoted to a woman that is not Avalynn Wright.

The doctors tell Avalynn to just let his memory come back on it’s own and to not push him too much, fearful that forcing his memory will cause permanent scarring and trauma. Avalynn is so thankful to have Daxton alive, that if letting him go will keep him happy and healthy, she will do just that, even if it means killing off herself; bit by bit. Avalynn struggles to get a grasp on what is a reality and what is created by the stresses of her life which causes her to downward spiral, with nobody there to break her fall.

Will Avalynn and Daxton make it through this or is their relationship built only as strong as a House of Cards, ready to crumble at any moment?

~ Author Bio ~
22 years old. Lives in a small farm town. Work full times as a Manager for an assisted living program for mentally challenged adults. I love my job. :) Getting my degree in music therapy.


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Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Him by Carey Heywood

~ Synopsis ~
Sarah Miller hasn’t been home in seven years. She thought she could stay away forever. If it wasn’t for her big brother's wedding, that is. Part of her even feels silly for staying away this long. It's not like anyone even knew what happened. Well, except for him. 

That guy. The one she compared all others to. The one who set the bar so high no other guy after him could even compete. The one who made her feel like anything was possible. The one she thought she would never be good enough for. The one she spent the last seven years trying to forget.

All she needs to do is make it through the next week without running into him.

~ Our Review ~
4.5 Star Review by Heather
This book was really good. It went from present to past and I usually don't like that, but I think it flowed really well this time. A lot of the time I get confused about if we are past or present, but that didn't happen with this book.

Sarah is a young business owner. She started her business to help others and to try and prove herself worthy. She is heartbroken over her first love and uses work as an escape from dating. She hasn't been home since that dreadful night and really doesn't want to be heading home now, but it is her brother's wedding. How does she react when she runs into him? Will she be able to talk with him or will she run again?

Will is a teacher and takes care of his mother. He is still in love with Sarah and has no idea why she up and left him one night. So when they see each other he is determined to make her talk with him. He wants to know why she left him. The question is will the truth tear them farther apart or bring them together?

This is another love story that if they would have talked with each other they wouldn't have wasted so much time hating and/or regretting something. I really liked how this book comes together. I can't wait to read Her. Well done Carey Heywood!!

~ About The Author ~
Carey Heywood lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three children, and nine-pound attack Yorkie. In her spare time, she transports her children from one extra-curricular activity to another while maintaining her day job in the world of finance. Right now, she is probably eating Swedish Fish. I'd love to hear from you!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Undescribable by Shantel Tessier

~ Synopsis ~
Samantha Hall needs a fresh start.
Broken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender. Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content.
Until she meets him – attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night.
All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keep his attention for long. Having a different woman in his bed every night is how he prefers it-no emotion, no connection.
Until he meets her - an angel with the sweetest voice he has ever heard and the most enticing green eyes. Samantha makes him second guess his actions and has him wanting something he didn’t know existed. How can a man who has never been in love, be so sure? Can real love happen this fast?
Burned by her past, Samantha struggles to keep up with the overwhelming passion she feels for Slade. She knows that he will be nothing but trouble to her already fragile heart, but how long can she continue to deny the love that she feels for him?
Will Samantha let Slade prove his love is real, or will she push him away?
She thought she knew love……
He thought he never wanted love…..
Together they will show each other what they can’t live without.
~ Our Review ~
4 Star Review by Annie
Shantel Tessier did a phenomenal job in her debut novel. She mastered the balance of romance, drama and raw sexual energy.
Sometimes people aren’t always what they seem. That is the hard lesson in life that Samantha is learning. Wanting to start a new chapter in life and escape her past, Sam decides to leave her hometown after high school graduation and go off to begin her life. Along the way she encounters heartbreak after heartbreak and is let down at every turn. That is until one night and one phone call changes everything.

Slade is the sexy hot attorney, who also happens to be the biggest player in the world. He is known around town for banging anything with a vagina. That is until he met Samantha. He was never one to settle down and now that is all he wants to do. Except how does he prove to the girl of his dreams that he is capable of being honest and a one woman man.
I absolutely feel in love with the characters in this book. Slade was smoking hot in a let me tie you up and show you what a man can do kind of way. I loved his energy and his natural way of showing emotions.  Samantha is not the typical girl you read about. She has brains, looks, attitude and money. Basically she is the total package!
This book was really really good, but it was also really really long.  I think the only downfall of this book was it sometimes felt drawn out. With that being said the storyline was great and the sexy scenes were, well, sexy.  I give this book 4 stars.

~ About Shantel Tessier ~
Shantel is a Texas born girl who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, and their three year old little princess. She considers herself extremely lucky to be a stay at home wife and mother. When she's not reading or writing, she spends her time with family and friends.



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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Reality by Dani Hart

  ~ Synopsis ~
I am Arie Belle and up until my mother’s unexpected and mysterious death my life had been pretty simple, but then things became dark and, at times, hopeless. Even my uncanny ability to communicate with nature had turned its back on me. My only saving grace is my lifetime friendship with the boy next door, River, whom I had always thought of as my soul mate up until my eighteenth birthday when everything seemed to change. My body tingles with heightened sensations and my emotions veer out of control. They are further tested when Ashe, a beautiful stranger with a powerful draw, enters my life and challenges my heart and soul. Amidst the rush of feelings after years of numbness, my true destiny slowly unravels and my journey to find out what I am, to find my mother’s killer, and stop my own death becomes a frantic rush before the next full moon.
This powerful story encaptures the true meaning of love and the dark corners of life that can either suck you in or save you.
Expected Release Date: September 23, 2013
Original artwork created by
~ Author Bio ~
My passion for writing started at a very young age.  It started with a multitude of diaries as soon as I could write well, then poetry, then short stories.  I received my BA at USC in Theatre with an unofficial minor in writing.  While at USC I wrote my first screenplay and post-graduation I was hired to write another screenplay, which I did successfully.  I have since started several books, but have never had the courage or time to finish them.  I missed it, but I was discouraged from my years in the industry and I was scared to go back, so I had convinced myself I was too busy and it would be a waste of time.  Then I started reading again which reignited my passion for writing. I started writing a story that had been brewing inside of me over the years.  The characters were slowly developing and itching to break out onto paper, so in the summer of 2011 I wrote the first two chapters.  Life got busy again and my passion was pushed aside, but then I met an amazing person who loved my story and encouraged me to start writing again. With that said, I am in a happier place now.  I am fulfilling my inner desire and passion to write while raising a family and living life. Thank you so much for your support! And I hope to keep the stories coming!!!
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Blog Tour and Giveaway: This Time Around by Ellie Grace

~ Synopsis ~
Nora Montgomery left home and heartbreak behind in South Carolina when she moved to New York City after her high school graduation. Now, four years later, she returns home and is forced to confront the past she left behind and the reckless boy who broke her heart.  It’s not long before the pieces of her past begin to blur with the present and she realizes that the feelings she had for her first love never really went away. As old dreams resurface and new truths come to light, she begins to question the future she's always planned on.
Jake Harris has spent four years regretting the night he let her get away. When she finally reappears in his life, he is determined to win her back and prove how much he’s changed. She might never forgive him for that night, but if he tells her the truth about what really happened it will shatter the world she thought she knew.  If he doesn’t, he might not get a second chance. He’s already lost her once and he won’t lose her again.
They come from two different worlds that are threatening to tear them apart…can they make it this time around?
Smashwords ~
~ Our Review ~
 4 Star Review by Heather 
This book is a sweet love story about betrayal, heartbreak and finally love.  Can love survive when
everyone around you is pulling you apart?

 Nora is a sweet southern girl.  She never planned on being out of Jake's life, but plans change.  He left her and didn't return any of her calls.  So she decided that she would head off to NYU a few days early.  She also couldn't bring herself to head home for the holidays or breaks for fear of running into Jake.  So after graduation when she has to come home for her best friend's wedding, the last thing she expected was her feelings to be so strong for Jake still.  Will she forgive him?  Can they make it work this time around? 
Jake was known as the town trouble maker growing up.  He loved woman and getting into fights.  He changed after meeting Nora, but that doesn't matter to other people.  Once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker. When Nora comes back into his life will he tell her what happened that dreadful night or will he try to hide it to save her from the pain?  Does he fight to win back the only girl he has ever loved? 
This was a fun fast read.  I loved it.  It is a nice read after all these angsty cliff hangers I have been reading lately.  This will be a series, but it is about the secondary characters.  Though we will get more Nora and Jake!! 
~ About The Author ~
Ellie Grace is an avid reader, chocolate lover and caffeine addict. When a story popped into her head that she couldn’t seem to shake, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a writer. When she’s not writing, she’s usually curled up with a book by one of her many, many favorite authors.

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