Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cover Reveal: Desires by RJ Van Cleave

~ Synopsis ~ 

Bree MacLane loved designing clothes. It was far more rewarding than farming. Through her sister-in-law, Cassie, Bree caught the eye of the famed designer, Ethan Alexander, at the age of seventeen. Cassie had the connections, but Bree’s raw talent paved the way to a life away from Blossom Grove. Los Angeles called, and nothing could keep Bree tied to her tiny hometown. Not even Gavin Baker, or the mistake they made one summer night.  Burying that night allowed her to move on, but losing Gavin hurt her more than she realized.
Gavin Baker lusted over Bree MacLane for longer than he cared to admit. Their five-year age gap prevented him from acting on those feelings – until she turned eighteen and told him she wanted him too. One night with her, and he was ready to make it forever. He had plans to lay down roots with Bree, only what Gavin had to offer wasn't enough for her. Loving Bree from afar became a way of life for him again because living without her wasn’t an option.
Five years after leaving Blossom Grove, a family emergency brings Bree home. Unprepared for a baby mama and an unexpected death she heads into a downward spiral. Forced to face the painful secret from her past, Bree realizes she may have lost the future that she didn’t know she wanted. But the four meddling MacLane wives and a few therapy horses help Gavin prove to Bree they still have a future. They show her that there’s more to Gavin, to herself, and to Blossom Grove, than she ever realized. Sometimes, the desires of your heart steer you away from true happiness, but the right person will lead you back.

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~ Author Bio ~ 

R.J. Van Cleave grew up in a small town near San Diego, CA, where she still lives today. She loved science as a child and had planned on becoming a doctor. However, she realized she wanted to be a mother more, and switched to working in the Biotech industry. One daughter was eventually joined by fraternal twin sisters (a surprise), and R.J.’s life was complete. In 2011, her mom died from undiagnosed cancer and R.J.’s world was turned upside down. In an attempt to honor her mother’s life, R.J. got a few tattoos and schlepped through a few half marathons. Needles and strenuous exercise were two real fears for R.J., but her greatest fear was actually putting a story in her head down on paper. In June of 2013, R.J. finally conquered that fear when she sat down and wrote Demons, which she self-published on February 14, 2014. The MacLane Family series was born and R.J.’s career as a writer was too.

Cover Reveal: First Love by Heather Carver

 ~ Synopsis ~

 Imagine living a perfect life and being engaged to the man of your dreams. I thought I was living my happy ever after until I discovered that Brian wasn’t the man I thought he was.

I knew Donna was mine since we were children. I’ve worked hard to keep her happy and I would continue working to make her happy for the rest of our lives. But how can we live happily ever after when the people I love are trying to destroy me?

Love. Betrayal. Lies.

~ Author Bio ~ 

Heather was born and raised in the Pacific NW. If she could live on the beach she would. It's one of her favorite places to go. She's a wife and mother of three children. They keep her busy with all their activities. She loves spending time with her family, reading, hanging out with friends and taking her kids on adventures. The zoo is one of their favorite places to go.
She didn't become a book lover until her twenties. She's happy that she found the book world. It has been a great way to release stress. Also a way to fill her nights of insomnia.
She loves to chat with fellow book lovers. You can connect with her via email