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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Jealousy by Jenna Galicki

~ Synopsis ~

When Heather Cooper married Peter, she thought that she had finally found someone who could handle the inseparable bond she shares with her gay best friend, Justin Perrotta. It’s only a matter of time, however, before jealousy rears its ugly head and Peter’s true feelings emerge. He starts drinking and his erratic behavior threatens their marriage.

Burned by an ex-boyfriend, Justin refuses to open his heart to love again. Wild relationships and one night stands leave him lonely and unfulfilled, even though he will not admit it. He finds love when he least expects it, but his fear of commitment threatens to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him.
In this modern day ‘Will and Grace’ meets ‘Sex and the City’, two best friends, a straight woman and a gay man, struggle to find someone to love as much as they love each other.

~ Our Review ~
4.5 Star review by Jessica

Jealousy is like no other book I have read. The focal point of this emotional story is the intense (and I mean intense) friendship between Heather and Justin. They have known each other practically since birth and have always been the most important person in the other’s life, sometimes to the detriment of their romantic relationships. Justin is gay and when he was tormented by bullies growing up, it was always Heather who defended and comforted him. She was the only one who truly understood and accepted him. Justin was like a brother to Heather and they would do absolutely anything for each other.
She felt his pain as if it was her own, and it crushed her.
She gave him the strength to persevere when society crippled him. He could never go on without her. Never.
Eventually, Heather marries Peter and Justin enters into a long-term relationship with David. At first, Peter seems to accept the unusually close bond between the two friends, but as time goes by he becomes more and more threatened by the other man and his wife’s unwavering devotion to him. Cracks begin to form in their marriage and of course, Heather turns to Justin for solace and support. Justin’s own relationship with David has ended because his partner felt like a third wheel as well. Both friends have been deeply hurt. Neither has given up on love, but will they each be able to find someone who will also accept their love for each other?
 And Justin-I think he’d give her the beating heart right out of his chest if she needed it.”
I’m mindful of giving away spoilers, and Jealousy is a story you will want to sink into and experience on your own. Heather and Justin have such an amazing friendship; they truly understand each other better than anyone else in the world and would do absolutely anything for each other, a fact that becomes integral to the story. The supporting characters are richly written and you will absolutely fall in love with at least a few of them and want to completely bitch slap another. Heather and Justin’s journeys to true love while clinging to each other will alternately cause your heart to clench, a goofy smile to appear on your face, and your Kindle to risk a good toss across the room. You’ll also be fanning yourself, as the steam factor for this book is high, with both m/f and m/m scenes.
So why not 5 stars? While Justin and Heather’s friendship was special indeed, at times their dependence on each other bordered on unhealthy for me and their jealous tendencies were a little too extreme. However, Jealousy is a book I would recommend in a hot second and one I truly enjoyed!

~ Author Bio ~
I am a newly published author of adult contemporary romance, geared toward male/male romance.
My debut novel, Jealousy, is a modern day 'Will & Grace' meets 'Sex & the City' - only hotter. A reviewer recently gave me a a tremendous compliment by comparing it to 'Jane Austen' meets '50 Shades".

 In Jealousy, I am blending genres, in that it has both m/f and m/m romance. I am introducing the reader to m/m romance, in a way that is tender, touching and loving. I want to make m/m romance novels mainstream in the literary industry. I want to take it from the back shelf and put it on the front shelf. I want to walk into a major retail book store and see boy meets boy, right along side boy meets girl.


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