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Blog Tour: Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde

~ Synopsis ~

Liam “Hunter” Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil’s Jack, he knows his duty. He’ll defend his club from their oldest enemies—the Reapers—using whatever weapons he can find. But why use force when the Reapers’ president has a daughter who’s alone and vulnerable? Hunter has wanted her from the minute he saw her, and now he has an excuse to take her. Em has lived her entire life in the shadow of the Reapers. Her overprotective father, Picnic, is the club’s president. The last time she had a boyfriend, Picnic shot him. Now the men in her life are far more interested in keeping her daddy happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets a handsome stranger—a man who isn't afraid to treat her like a real woman. One who isn't afraid of her father. His name is Liam, and he’s The One. Or so she thinks.

~ Review ~
4.5 Stars by Guest Reviewer Kristie

ri·val noun \ˈrī-vəl\ : a person or thing that tries to defeat or be more successful than another

Normally it isn’t hard to get a boyfriend. Especially when you are pretty, smart and have a decent body. The thing is when your dad is the Reapers MC president, overprotective is a giant understatement. Her dad Picnic, accidently shot her last boyfriend, which leaves Em, twenty-two and still a virgin. Since dating outside the club isn’t really an option. Em finds herself crushing on Painter but like most of those guys, he wants nothing more than to please her dad and is constantly shooting her down. One night she goes out with friends and meets someone she has known for a while but is finally meeting in person. Let me just tell you.. Their chemistry is HOT! Em soon finds out that sometimes people aren’t always who they seem. Just when she thought she had found “the one”, her world is turned upside down.

You deserve a man who’ll fight for you, baby girl. You remember that, all right?”

Growing up in the foster system, Liam “Hunter” Blake hasn’t had an easy life. The only family he has ever known and cared for is his sister Kelsey and Jack. Jack a born and raised Devil’s Jack, the MC life is all he knows and he will do anything he can to defend his club against their oldest enemies, the Reapers. When he sees the Reapers weakness, he takes the opportunity and uses his best man Liam to make his move. Liam knows exactly who Em is and has wanted her since he first laid eyes on her.

If I played things right, she’d fall for me so hard she’d never know what hit her. And I wanted that. I wanted it a lot. Win for me, win for the Jacks, too. Perfect.

Things seem to be going smooth but then a shooting occurs and lives are lost and people are hurt. Fingers are pointed and both MC’s end up on the verge of a war with each other. When Liam’s plans go to hell and EM finds out the truth, she is devastated. With danger lurking at every corner, they have no choice but to help each other out. Trying to balance their loyalty to their clubs and their crazy want and need for each other, Liam and Em realize they have a long road ahead of them. Their families are after all enemies.

truce noun \ˈtrüs\
: an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting, arguing, etc., for a certain period of time

Slowly Em and Liam figure things out but the situation gets down right deadly. Laim will do everything he can to protect Em and everything he can to keep her for his own, no matter what.

I’m with you, Em. Don’t doubt that, okay? No matter what happens or what you hear…Promise?”

Poor Em although she is the oldest, she is daddy’s little girl and doesn’t want to disappoint her overprotective father but at the same time she is ready for her independence, ready to live in the real world. Away for the MC, away from the men who won’t give her the time of day. She wants to experience the love that her dad had with her mom. Love can be a tricky and messy thing and she learns, you can’t help who you fall in love with.

I loved how strong she is in crazy situations. I enjoyed her being able to stand her ground. She is smart and witty but comes off as clumsy and weak. She doesn’t take anyone’s crap and she will tell you like it is.

Liam *sighsanddaydreams*. He is gorgeous and crude. Strong and confident and is great at his job. I adored his soft side. I loved how hard he fought himself with his feelings for her. He tried to look at her as if she were just another job. Little did he know, his heart had other plans for him.

Joanna Wylde definitely doesn’t disappoint in the third installment of the Reaper MC series. I just LOVED this book. The sex was *OMGHOTWOW*, seriously all I am going to say is “dry hump” and holy $hit! *fansselfoff* there was heart ache, angst, suspense. I could not put my kindle down.

Liam and EM are my favorite couple in this series. They complement each other in every way possible. I loved how they were able to work through their issues and figure out a way to stay true to their own.

I thought Horse was my #1 MC but that title now goes to Liam for me.

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~ About Joanna Wylde ~

Joanna is a freelance writer living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She started writing fiction in 2002, then took a long hiatus to explore other writing opportunities. She returned to fiction in January 2013 with ‘Reaper’s Property’, the first book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club series, and has recently released ‘Reapers Legacy’, the second of the series.
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