Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: This Heart of Mine by Amanda Bennett

~ Synopsis ~
Kayla seems to have it all. She has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth for her and a family that seems to support her regardless of the consequences.
But is it enough to help her face her demons and to truly find happiness within her heart?

Madison never thought he would be faced with so many life altering decisions at such a young age. he wants to do right by Kayla and his family, but when old wounds reopen he finds himself questioning every choice he has ever made.

Life isn't all it seems for these two and they're coming to the realization that there will always be someone wanting to come along and destroy it all.

Will following her heart prove to be the right decision, or will it be the one thing that could make the only man she's ever loved, say good-bye for good?

~ Our Review ~
4 Star Review by Annie
This Heart of Mine is filled with drama, heartbreak and finally the happily ever after moment I have been looking forward to all along. This is the last installment of the Raine series and the final journey we get to share with Kayla and Madison.
The last book left off where we discovered Kayla was pregnant and Madison was dealing with the death of his grandfather.
In This Heart of Mine Kayla struggles with telling Madison about the baby, while on the other hand Madison is having a hard time finding a way to tell Kayla about the new visitor in town. They both struggle with being open and honest with each other. By keeping these secrets they feel like they are protecting each other from heartache and pain. That is where they are wrong.
When the past, present and future collide Kayla and Madison have to find a way to make it work. If not only for them, at least for the little baby they are going to bring into this world.
This series has really captured my heart and I am sad to see it come to an end. I loved the journey that Kalya and Madison took us on.  Although at moments it was a wild jaw dropping ride that was full of twists after twists and turns after turns I would not change a single thing about it.
~ Cast Fun Facts ~
- Afraid of spiders
- Gets stage fright before every show
- Favorite beer is corona
- Addicted to coffee
- He doesn't like any of his food to touch on the plate

                     - She only own 2 pairs of shoes besides her boots
- She likes UFC
- Her favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers
- Loves starburst jelly beans
- allergic to chocolate

- Can play the guitar and drums as well as sing
- Rarely wears underwear
- Hates to workout
- Hates cake
- Doesn't like to wear shorts

- Loves to talk
- Is very OCD
- She has no filter: TMI to the max
- Terrified of birds
-  Will randomly start doing cheers from high school 

~ About Amanda Bennett ~
Amanda was born in Monroe, Washington but grew up in Arizona. She currently resides in Utah (soon to be Texas ;) with her husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs. I am who I am because of the people I have met and the things I have been through. I'm an author, a mother and a wife. When I'm not busy writing or reading, I like to hang with friends and family and watch some tv. I love that I get to do what I love:-)

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