Monday, April 27, 2015

Release Day Blitz and Giveaway: Desolation by Bella Jewel

Title: Desolation
Series: Jokers' Wrath MC #4
Author: Bella Jewel
 Release Date: April 27, 2015

~ Synopsis ~


The girl you all know as damaged. Quiet. Broken.

She doesn’t fit in. Nothing in her world feels right. She’s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seems to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.

Her world is a broken place she can’t escape.

She has people around her who matter. Who love her. But it’s not enough. Not enough to break her out of the bitter despair she lives in.

Until Tyke.

He knows pain. He knows darkness. He’s sweet. He’s kind. But most of all…

He understands her.

Combining their demons doesn’t seem like the best plan. Everyone is against them. He deserves better. She deserves better. They’ll never work. They’re too broken. Too damaged. It’s a destructive combination that will only end in heartbreak.

He’s a biker. She’s a broken angel.

But in their desolation, they will find peace.

With each other.

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~ Review ~ 
5 Stars 

I've been waiting for this book since I read Melancholy in the Joker's Wrath series.  I was looking forward to Pippa and Tyke's book. I was a little let down that we didn't get any Tyke POV, but it was still really good.

Pippa is trying to find herself.  She's tired of not being able to have a normal life.  She wants people to quit treating her like she's fragile.  She can't tell them what happened to her because they'll just look at her with pity in their eyes and that's the last thing she wants.  She also doesn't know how to get Tyke to look at her more than a friend.  She wants him, but can she finally get him to see her?

Tyke knows that he wants Pippa.  He doesn't know if he can make a move on her with her past.  He doesn't want to pressure her and cause her to sink into herself and shut everyone out.  But after some really stupid moves on his part he needs to man up and claim her or let her go for good.  What will he do?

It's sad to say goodbye to the Joker's Wrath MC.  I really enjoyed this series and don't want to see it end.  Though I'm excited that we get Belle's story and Raide's story. Can't wait to see what Bella brings us now that the Joker's are done!!  No doubt in my mind it'll be amazing.

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~ Author Bio ~

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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