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Blog Tour: Without Hesitation by CJ Azevedo Synopsis ~ 

At eleven years old, Macie James was certain she saw her prince standing in her kitchen with his rosy cheeks and cute smile. She was going to marry that boy, she had no doubt about it. As she became a teenager, it was that boy who taught her how to become a confident and sure woman. As the years went by and they grew up, he taught her how to love and to be loved.

Greyden Michaels was surprised when he fell for his best friend’s little sister. He wasn’t opposed to it and, even more surprising, neither was his best friend. When he was in college and her just in high school, he realized they were too young to be committed, he opted for friendship with her and together they decided their love was for the future.

When you hesitate, life happens. When life happens, your plans change. Macie wanted her fairy tale and Greyden was prepared to give it to her when unfortunate events changed his whole life, including his future with the UFC and, most devastatingly, with her. Macie made the decision to live her life, to move on without Greyden, especially once she met the man who wanted to marry her and give her the life he couldn’t.

The problem with that was that Greyden had always seen her as his. Could he give her up completely for her supposed happiness or could he somehow manage to get his life in order to try and win her back, heart and soul? 

~ Review ~
4.5 Stars

This book was really good.  I didn't want to put it down.  It switched from past to present and I would get so frustrated when the chapter would end because I wanted more, but had to wait.  Lol.  One of these days I will read all past chapters first then all the present. Ok I am just joking there!!

Macie has been in love with Greyden all her life.  She knows things about him that his best friends don't.  They may plan a life together when they are younger, but as adults do they get it?

Macie understands Greyden, but is she making the situation worse or helping?  She needs to learn to love him or let him go.
She has been fighting for him for years and he won't commit to her.  After one terrible night she realizes she needs to move on with her life.  She becomes a shell of herself and let's herself take a marriage, babies and the white picket fence promise without thinking of the consequences.  She wants it and has always wanted it with Greyden, but he will never be ready especially if he can have Macie and the freedom to do anything he wants.  Will she finally get her happily ever after?  If so, with who?

Mitch is an ass from day one.  I didn't like him at all.  I wish I could have jumped through the pages and castrated him.

Greyden is very determined to live his life the way he wants and needs too.  He really isn't trying to be selfish even though that is what he is doing.  He wants Macie, but doesn't at that time so he goes his way and expects Macie to wait for him.  And of course she does repeatedly.  Who wouldn't want to be with the only man you've ever loved?  Can Greyden get to the point in his life where he can settle down?  Will he get there before he loses Macie?  Or will Macie marry Mitch?

This book was a little frustrating for me. I definitely recommending reading this book and the first two in the series!!  You will love all the characters involved in these books!!

~ Character Interview ~

1. Macie why didn't you take Graham to the bathroom and have your way with him (when you were with Greydon at the golf event/meeting)?

Whew! (fans herself and gives Heather a shy smile) First, thank God Grey stayed out of the room for this! Second, way to hit me with the hard stuff first Heather! LOL Graham… (sigh) He sure is sexy isn’t he? My heart never questioned whether or not I should sneak of with him. My body on the other hand… well I mean just look at the guy! BUT, my heart belonged to Grey even then. At that time I wasn’t ready to give up what we had in store for our future and there was no way I could betray Greyden like that, not even for someone as delicious as Graham.

2. Macie tell me more about Graham!!  I really liked him.  I know this isn't really a question.

I was completely thrown off balance when I first seen him in the clubhouse. Grey typically has older gentleman as clients that he plays golf with so when I came upon Graham Berkshire I was speechless. I was intrigued when he gave me nothing back in return, he was a bit of a mystery but then the flirting started and my heart rate took of to another realm. (adjusts in her seat) That’s probably all I should say about that.

I’m thinking maybe I need to set YOU up with him! Haha! I’m designing a room in his house for him later this month, maybe you should come along. (Gives Heather a conspiratorial look)

3.  Gray why do you think you deserve Macie?

Ouch. (grabs chest and rubs) I don’t believe I’ve ever said as much but I sure as hell know she’s mine and continue to do anything and everything to be as worthy of her as possible.

4.  Greydon why was it okay for you to sleep around and date anyone you wanted, but Macie was suppose to wait around for you?  (I'm not saying I wanted her to sleep with the whole football team, but I feel you tied her down and didn't let her live her teenage years.  You kissed her at 14 then kept saying how you wanted her then said not till she was 18, but to wait for you while you would then leave and go find any easy willing woman to put out your desire for Macie.). I feel if you ask someone else to do something you should be willing to do the same thing.

You don’t like me very much do you? (Smirks) You’re drilling me more than her brother did when he found out about my history with her. (Shakes his head) Alright, let’s see. It doesn’t make it okay but I was young. I honestly didn’t believe that I could take on a serious relationship with all the other shit I had going on in my life. Asking Macie to save herself did benefit me but it was to protect her, that’s what I was thinking when I asked her to wait until she was 18 to have sex. At that point I was looking at her as my best-friend, my young but extremely smoking hot best-friend… who I couldn’t sleep with. If it makes you feel any better we are very much on an even playing field now… if you get what I’m saying. (Winks at Heather while smiling and showing off his dimples)

5. Macie why did you let Greydon use you for so many years before you tried to move on?

I never felt like that’s what he was doing. The way I saw it was we were together the only way we could be at the time and I wasn’t going to lose that time together over a social nicety or what someone else deemed appropriate. I knew what he could and couldn’t give me for those years and I accepted it until I couldn’t anymore. And look where that got me. ( A look of annoyance crossed her face and Greyden pulled her close to his side)

6.  Greydon why didn't you call Macie when they thought your dad had a heart attack?  Why did you ignore her and go drinking?

Looking back I realize that I wasn’t prepared to be in that relationship. That night had proved exactly what I had been avoiding for years. When I got that call I completely checked out, I wasn’t myself.

7.  Greydon what is one of your biggest regret with Macie?

Unfortunately I have several but that night you referred to in the last question is my ultimate regret. It ruined something pretty damn special between us that was supposed to take place the next day and it seemed like since then it sort of put us on this path of destruction. No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get anything done the way we planned.

8.  Macie my heart broke for you.  You did everything Grey asked of you.  You waited for him, loved him with everything you had, but he wasn't yours.  Was it a hard to actually trust him when you guys officially got together?

Thank you, you’re going to make me cry. (pats at eyes then continues with a soft smile) No, trust was never an issue with us. We always knew where one another stood. Our lives have been a whirlwind since we’ve actually been back together and it’s been blissfully amazing.

9.  Macie what is one of your biggest regrets?

You’ll never know what would’ve happened if you would’ve done things differently so I try not to do that. Well, actually I play the “What-if” game all the time and Grey has to stop me, but if I could change one thing I never would’ve walked away from him. That’s my biggest regret. No matter the heartache, given what I know now, I would’ve stuck it out forever to get him in the end without any other entities coming in between.

10.  Greyden are you going to ever try and fight professionally?

Nah, I can’t take that away from Declan. Beating your best-friend at his profession would just be wrong. (Grey laughs whole-heartedly and Macie punches him the arm) Seriously though, I’m really happy with where my life is right now and I have no intention of changing that. I can beat Dec’s ass at our home gym. *winks at Heather*

~ Excerpt ~“I can’t make you mine right now, Macie.” He sounded dejected.

“I know,” she whispered across his lips, this time pressing her mouth against his.

“I don’t trust anybody else with you,” he said as she deepened the kiss a little more, but he wasn’t letting her fully in.

She licked his top lip and a small groan came out against his wishes. “I know, Sugar Plum.” She kissed just his bottom lip; being the only participant in the kiss was becoming challenging.

Greyden laughed. “Noooo.” He gripped her face, stopping her ministrations. She scrunched up her nose at him. “Macie, remember our plans?”

She nodded. How could she forget? They had a future together, just not a present.

He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “I promise to keep my mouth shut if you want to date, if you promise to date guys your own age and to be smart.”

Macie’s shoulders sagged in disappointment. That’s not where she was hoping he was going to go with that. “Grey, I don’t—”

“Butterfly,” he slides a finger to her lips effectively shushing her, “I wish I could be that guy for you right now, but I can’t. I know that others can’t either, but apparently you’re going to have to figure that one out on your own. That’s why I ask that you wait ‘til you’re eighteen for the major stuff. Because, Butterfly…God. Macie James, you’re not the girl guys screw around with. You’re the girl guys marry. You’re the girl I’m going to marry.”

Macie gasped in complete shock at his words. Stunned speechless. What does one say to that anyway?

Thankfully, she didn’t have to think too long. Greyden slid off the truck, coming in close contact along her body, not letting her back up. He leaned down, his lips hovering over hers momentarily, just barely brushing them before pressing the sweetest kiss to her hyper aware lips. His lips were soft and warm and Macie wanted to pull him even closer than he already was and open up to him, but that’s not the kind of kiss he was giving her. No, he was giving her a kiss of a promise, a promise of a future, of a friendship and of a love that will only bloom with time, that’s what this kiss was. It was kind of heartbreaking on her end. It may be what he wanted and needed right now, but he just told her he was going to marry her, yet she couldn’t really kiss him, or have him.

~ Book One ~ 

Bailey Hayes has a past that is currently affecting her present. Ten years ago she made a decision that suited her at the time. Now because of that decision she finds herself extremely successful in her chosen career but extremely unhappy in a relationship she thought was her forever.

Bailey met, fell in love with and moved in with Hollister Harrison six short months after meeting him. Hollister's true colors shine through epically when he no longer has his personal space to contain them.

Talon McAllister loves his family, his family's marketing firm that he runs along side his sister and the game of hockey. He plays hard and works even harder but leaves no room for any one woman exclusively. That is until he meets the lovely and ultimately sexy Bailey.

Can Talon convince Bailey that her twisted sense of loyalty and commitment to her boyfriend is absolutely unnecessary and dangerous?

Will Bailey miss out on the greatest love she will ever know due to fear of repeating her past of quick decision making?Or will Talon show Bailey that she can live and love without boundaries? 

~ Book Two ~

Ava Sterling is tough and the most straight laced girl you will ever meet. Her family and her past have managed to alter her future permanently and she has no desire to allow anyone else into her life or her heart for fear of rejection or further altering. Ava is alone in the world with the exception of the grandest responsibility she did not create on her own but on her own she will carry for the rest of her life.

Declan James is a MMA fighter, party all night kind of guy. Responsibility is nowhere to be found in his life or so he allows everyone around him to believe. Coming from wealth and a carefree lifestyle, Declan gets what he wants, always. And what he wants is Ava. In his pursuit of getting what he wants, Ava in his bed, his plan changes quickly without his consent. Against his plans of being the next hot bachelor to cross the tabloids as he makes his way to being the Ultimate Light Heavyweight Champion, Declan falls in love. He falls in love without hesitation and without doubt.
Neither Declan nor Ava are aware that fate has inconveniently intertwined their lives forever. Will they be able to survive the aftermath of the truth?

~ Author Bio ~

Being a dreamer her whole life, CJ had big plans as a child to move to New York and live the city life. She wanted to escape the small country town she grew up in and be an independent woman. The dreaming never stopped, changed a little but never stopped. Instead she married a boy from that small country town and decided to somewhat travel together. One day, living in Northern California they decided to pack up and move to Texas, just because. That’s where she resides today doing what she loves the most… mothering her children, loving her Husband and living vicariously through all of the stories she gets to create and write up daily.

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