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Spotlight Tour: Where I Need To Be, Wanted, Anything Like Me and Tattoo Dots

~ Synopsis ~

Spencer Marshall was done moping. After catching her boyfriend cheating with his secretary, she decides to have a girl's weekend in Vegas with her best friend Ryan. Lady Luck must be looking out for Spencer, because that weekend will change her life forever. Despite what people say, not everything stays in Vegas.

~ Quotes ~
“Me: OMFG, I have my very own Gideon Cross at the gym. Hot guy running on the treadmill next to me! :)”

“His tattoo was on the upper right side of his abs. While tracing my fingers over the script I read it to myself: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

“Nothing else matters except you, Spencer. Nothing. You’re what I want, what I need. Where you are is where I need to be. I need you here in my life with me.”

(by Kimberly Knight)

~ Our Review ~
5 Stars by Guest Reviewer Cybill

This is a wonderful short read! It has love, humor, suspense, and hot sex! What else could you possibly need! LOL!

Spencer Marshall has recently been unlucky in love. Recently ending a two year relationship after catching him boning is secretary, SURPRISE! Thus giving him the nickname "TravAss". Very fitting, in my opinion. She is currently sulking on her couch with mint chocolate chip ice cream and leaving a permanent butt imprint.

Best friend Ryan Kennedy to save the day! Ryan forces her to promise to get off the couch and out of the house or else. Knowing Ryan means business she uses a two week free membership to a new gym, plus she needs to check it out for an article that is being written at her workplace (2 birds, 1 stone). Enter Brandon Montgomery.

6 feet tall, brown hair and a great smile appears on the treadmill next to her. Then it's off to Vegas for a girls weekend. There across a club is that smile again. One very hot dance scene later and we are at a poker game where we finally learn the treadmilling God's name is Brandon.

Things progress really quickly after that. The relationship is going great. But nothing is that easy. Brandon has an ex-girlfriend named Christy. I like to call her Psycho Bitch! She is just a complete nut bag. Bring on the straight jacket. There is also Trevor, not sure what is going on with this yet. It has me intrigued!

I am certainly reading the next one, I have to know what's going to happen. Great job, Kimberly Knight for making something so good in a small package!

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~ Synopsis ~

From the moment she first saw him running on the treadmill next to her, Spencer Marshall had fallen head over heels in love with Brandon Montgomery. After Spencer has a near-death experience she would rather forget, they do their best to move on with their lives, leaving their past behind them. 

Thankful for a fresh start and eager to move on with her life, Spencer focuses on helping her best friend Ryan Kennedy plan her wedding. Everything seems to be going as planned when someone from Brandon's past reappears. Can Spencer and Brandon survive the coming days as they struggle to deal with ghosts from the past?

~ Our Review ~
5 Stars by Guest Reviewer Cybill

Another great read! So much goes on in these, I am not sure how the author fits everything in such few pages. I never feel like I need more, until the end!

This is the progression of Spencer and Brandon's relationship, and the planning and completion of Ryan's wedding.

Things are going great with Spencer and Brandon. We get to meet Brandon's family and they are great. Spenc and Brandon are looking for the perfect house. Psycho Christy is still in jail but there the still Trevor. He appears in this and we get the story behind his stalking. Spencer is having a serious run of bad luck!

Brandon has got to be one of the perfect BBF's. He buys awesome gifts and is just wonderful. Plus he is an awesome sweet talker!

The person who has intrigued me in this one is, Mrs. Robinson. An older lady that has the hots for Brandon. Hilareous! She is just like the Simon and Garfunkle song! I am wondering what her angle is and how she is going to screw with Spencer.

Great things come in small packages and this is one fine little gem! I am immediately reading the third!

~ Excerpt ~

Brandon drove me down to the police station for the formal interview that afternoon. The investigating officer told me that Christy was still pretty beaten up from the fall and subsequent surgery she had to endure from the stab wound. Apparently, she had punctured her liver and would be in the hospital for at least a few more days –– enough time for the police to get all their ducks in a row. I really didn’t want to rehash the incident, but I knew it had to be done. After an hour and a half of me recounting the events, Brandon and I made our way to Macy’s at Union Square to get my mind off everything.
Macy’s at Union Square covers an entire block.  Although I wanted to go crazy and buy the whole store, I had to remember that for the next few months my tiny closet was going to need to hold both my and Brandon’s clothes.
“Okay, all I really need is another nice dress so I don’t keep wearing the same one over and over again,” I said to Brandon as we rode the escalator up to the Women’s department.
“Whatever you want, Babe.” 
“Are you sure you want to do this? Most guys seem to hate shopping.”
“Oh I do, but I want to be with you, so I don’t mind.”
“Alright, well I don’t want to hear any whining,” I said as I stuck out my tongue at him.
“And what if I do?” Brandon asked, smirking at me.
“Then… then… shit, I don’t know. Don’t give me that look, it drives me crazy and I can’t think straight.”
“Drives you crazy good or drives you crazy bad?”
“Good,” I said as I blushed and tried to swat Brandon’s arm, but he caught my wrist midair and pulled me to him for a quick kiss.
As we browsed around Macy’s, I decided that I should be looking specifically for a dress for my company holiday party, as it was the next big event that I needed to attend. 
I picked out a few dresses and told Brandon that I was going to try them on in the dressing room. The first dress I tried on was a metallic champagne A-line dress. Brandon said he liked it, but I wasn’t feeling it. Next, I tried on a sleeveless dress made with sequined Graphite Grey satin; Brandon liked it as well, but it just wasn’t calling my name.
Finally, I tried on the last dress. It was strapless and made of ivory lace in the pattern of roses with a few ruffles down the front starting at the waist. It was accented with a removable cream-colored belt. I think this is the one. I stepped out to show Brandon. As soon as his face lit up, I knew I had found the one.  
“You like?” I asked as I did a little twirl so he could see the back.
“Yes, I like—a lot!” Brandon stood up and walked over to me. 
“Yeah, I think this is it.”
“I need further convincing.”
He grabbed my hand to lead me back into the dressing room and locked the door behind him.
“What are you doing?” I whispered.
Without answering, he spun me around and pushed me up against the fitting room mirror. My hands slammed into the mirror to brace myself as I felt Brandon’s hard erection against my ass. He moved my hair the side and kissed the side of my neck all the way down to the top of my shoulder, making the little hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention.
“Babe, we’re in a public dressing room,” I panted in a whisper.
“Shh,” he said as he continued to kiss my neck and shoulder. His hand reached around my side as he slowly slid the dress up my thigh inch by inch. 
“Babe…” I said in warning.
His hand glided up my bare thigh and my breath caught when I felt his hand slowly slide into my panties. “Oh God,” I quietly groaned.
Brandon bit lightly on my right earlobe as he started teasing my clit with one of his fingers. I steadied myself with one arm on the mirror, resting my head on his chest as I reached up and grazed my other hand through his soft hair on the back of his neck. His finger slid through my slick wetness before sinking into me as I lifted my leg onto the bench, wanting more. I couldn’t help it ––Brandon brought out the exhibitionist in me. His touch was all I needed to forget everything around me. 
“I can’t keep my hands off of you when you wear a dress,” he whispered in my ear, causing my body to shiver as his breath touched my skin.
“Uh huh,” I mumbled. Not only could I barely talk because of the intense pleasure running through my body, but we were in a public dressing room in the middle of the day. I was both terrified and aroused by the thought that we could be caught at any second.
He continued creating circles around my aching clit with one finger as another of his fingers moved rhythmically inside my pussy over and over.  His hard cock was still pressed into my ass. Lifting my head from his chest and moving forward a step, I slid my hand from the back of his neck. Then I reached down behind me and rubbed his erection through his jeans.
“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” he said, whispering in my ear again.
Ha, talk about calling the kettle black! I continued to stroke him as he brought my body closer to its release. I planned to finish him––I needed to finish him. He reached around and slipped his hand into the top of the dress, his fingers easily sliding beneath the silky material of my bra. He began to caress my right breast and roll the already hardened nipple between his fingers, sending my body into overdrive. I came around his finger, my belly clenching as the climax shot through me.
We stood there like that for a moment while I caught my breath, then Brandon slowly removed his hand from my panties. We heard the door next to us close as someone entered the dressing stall. I couldn’t believe what we had just done together in a public dressing room.  It was exhilarating and slightly dangerous and I felt wonderfully alive, but we weren’t quite done.  I turned around and began to undo his belt.
He caught my hands in his for a moment and raised an eyebrow at me as he nodded his head in the direction of the stall next to us. I grinned wickedly and held a finger to my lips, then made quick work of his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Sliding the zipper down enough to reach inside, I grabbed his length, causing it to twitch in response. Brandon sat on the bench, his erection growing bigger as I ran my hand up and down around it, milking him.
I saw a drop of his pre-cum glisten, reflecting the fluorescent lights above. I bent down on my knees and lowered my head as I licked the tip, tasting his salty goodness. We heard the lady leave the stall next to us and I almost giggled in relief.  He sucked in a sharp breath when my wet tongue swirled around the head. He grabbed the back of my ponytail and guided my head as I bobbed up and down, sucking him over and over. I took him deeper and deeper into my throat until his body tightened and then convulsed slightly as he spurted hot cum down the back of my throat. He grunted slightly with his teeth gritted as he came, his eyes closed as he fought against groaning in pleasure.
 “Well… guess I’m buying this dress,” I said, laughing as I stood up.

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~ Synopsis ~

After walking in on her cheating boyfriend, fate led Spencer Marshall to the love of her life, Brandon Montgomery. Now, she has a wedding to plan. With hope that the demons from their pasts will finally leave them alone, Brandon and Spencer look forward to growing old together.

Just as things are finally looking up, an unexpected houseguest arrives and stays much longer than expected. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the bad influences of their new roommate and the emotional aftermath of dealing with the trial? And when an unforeseen tragedy strikes, can Spencer finally have the happy ending she deserves?

~ Our Review ~
5 Stars by Guest Reviewer Cybill

Great ending to a great series! Perfectly done!

This is the third and final book in the series and it is great! It is will leave you hot and bothered, and possibly sobbing.

We are still following Brandon and Spencer, Ryan and Max but we get to see more of Brandon's brother Blake.

Brandon and Spencer go through the ups and downs of a relationship. The love, laughter, and heartache. They make such a great couple. Spencer truly is the "cheese on his macaroni". His proposal is epic, the wedding is wonderful and the honeymoon is perfect. No man is completely perfect and Brandon has his own flaws that the couple deals with.

Mrs. Robinson is still being a pest but not as much as I thought she would. The three psycho's that have made Spencer's life hell, get there day in court. Spencer can finally be free of fear from them.

There is tragedy that will break your heart with the way the author wrote it. I can't say too much as I do not want to give it away.

Every woman wants her fairytale and Spencer definitely got hers. I have really enjoyed these books and traveling through these lives. They are short but fulfilling, have some seriously hot sex scenes that will leave you melting and make you all warm and gooey on the inside. We learn from Spencer that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and add some vodka!

~ Excerpt ~

After a few minutes, I realized that I was still alone in the shower. Brandon hadn’t returned from seeing who was at the door and that made me nervous. I quickly rinsed the soap from my body and started to turn off the water when the shower door opened and Brandon slipped in. His hard chiseled body stepped close to me as we both stood under the warm stream of water––something we did almost every night.
“Hey, what took you so long?” I asked, slipping my arms around his neck.
“Blake’s here.”
“Yep.” Brandon’s hands glided down my back to rest on my ass as he gave it a little tug to bring me closer to him.
“Did you know he was coming?”
“Nope, he said he needed to get away and used the plane ticket we gave him for Christmas.”
“Couldn’t he have asked? I mean, this is an important night,” I pouted as Brandon’s cock grew against my belly. I chuckled slightly. Here we were again, talking about his brother at the wrong time.
“Babe, you know how Blake is. He doesn’t always use his head,” he said, tilting his head down to place a soft kiss on my neck.
“I know,” I said, sighing. “Can he maybe get a hotel room for the night?” Of all the nights Blake could have come to visit us, it had to be tonight…the night when I wanted to wear nothing but my new ring and a smile.
“I guess, but we haven’t seen him in, what? Five months?”
“I know––you’re right. I just wanted to walk around naked for the night,” I said, biting my lower lip and giving him my most innocent smile, making his cock twitch in response.
“I’ll make it up to you another night––I promise,” Brandon groaned, bending down again as he pressed his lips to mine.
“But that other night won’t be the night you proposed and I said ‘yes’.”
“I know, Baby…” Brandon looked down at me, searching my eyes as if he was looking for some sort of answer or something. “What if we get a hotel room in the city, you call in sick tomorrow and we order room service, eat breakfast in bed and then spend the rest of the day with Blake? He can take care of Niner tonight. It will give him time to clear his head, too, since that was the reason he jumped on a plane and flew thousands of miles unannounced.”
“Well, he did come all this way. Maybe we should spend time with him?”
“No, he will understand. I’m sure he will be here longer than one night. We will hang out with him tomorrow. Plus I want to see you wearing nothing but your new ring and a smile for the rest of the night,” he said, winking at me, reading my mind.

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~ Synopsis ~

Easton Crawford put his modeling career and good looks before his marriage until it was over. Years later, he is finally learning how to be the father his daughter needed him to be. He’s not looking for a new mom for his daughter—just nightly casual hook-ups. When his best friend, Avery, convinces him that a good way to meet a lot of single women is to go on a single’s cruise, Easton finds more than just a hook-up when he meets a fellow cruiser, Brooke.

Brooke Bradley has taken care of her younger sister, Bailee, for most of their lives. While their mother was enjoying not being a mother, Brooke became the adult in the household at thirteen. She had always taken care of the people in her life, especially her boyfriend, Jared. If it wasn’t for Brooke, Jared wouldn’t know how to function throughout the day.

When Brooke’s best friend, Nicole, gives her a gift of going on a cruise without telling her that it’s a single’s cruise, will Brooke find someone willing to be her constant and finally leave Jared? 

Brooke and Easton learn that people are brought into their lives for many reasons. Over time, they find out what those reasons are. Some are to be a temporary acquaintance while others are there for life.

~ Our Review ~
4 Stars by Heather

This book was hard for me to get into.  I couldn't stand Easton at the beginning.  He is a big manwhore and treats woman like objects.  I don't think he is the greatest dad either.  But after the first few chapters he really starts to grow on you and them you won't want to put the book down.

Brooke has a boyfriend who is worthless.  She is comfortable in her relationship and doesn't know how to break it off.  She is excited about her upcoming cruise with her best friend Nicole.  Going on this cruise opens her eyes to how much she needs to break free from Jared and start thinking about herself.  She also can't get enough of Easton.  They start out as friends and grow to be best friends.  They hide nothing from each other.  So what happens after the cruise?  Will she leave Jared?  Will they find a way to be together?

Easton is a manwhore who doesn't care about woman except to get off. He owns a bar and has his pick of many woman a night.  He doesn't want to settle down and get a mom for his daughter.  The one thing he won't do is parade woman around his daughter.  He agrees to go on this singles cruise with his best drones Avery expecting to get laid every night.  Little did he know one look at Brooke and he would be hook,  line and sinker.   He actually wanted to get to know her and not just bed her.  They build a great friendship and he doesn't want it to end.  Can he convince her he can change?  Or will he go back to his ways when he gets home?

This is an amazing story of love, survival and commitment!!  I cannot wait to read more on Brooke and Easton and wished their second book would come before Melissa and Avery's book.  But I can't wait to read their book either!

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~ About the Author ~

Kimberly Knight has just moved from the Bay Area in California to the mountains near a lake with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, playing co-ed slow pitch softball in a few local leagues,rooting for her SF Giants and San Jose Sharks and playing computer games like World of Warcraft with Audrey Harte and online poker. Now that she is near a lake, she plans on working on her tan and doing more outdoor stuff like...watching hot guys ski. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading Romance and Erotic fiction.

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