Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Forbidden Fruit (Volume 2) by

~ Volume 2 Participating Authors ~

Kasey Millstead

5 Star Review

This book was HOT!!  It had me wanting more.  I wanted to know what happened with the couple.
Anna is a stripper at a high class gentleman's club.  The biggest rule is no fucking the clients.  That will get you fired.  She enjoys her job and has never had the desire to fuck a client until Ethan.  She can't get him out of her mind and pictures him when alone at night.  Will she risk her job to be with him?
Ethan wants Anna and he has since the first time he watched her dancing.  She is every mans wet dream.  Can he get her to comply to his rules and break her rules at work?
This is an interesting story because it has a little twist in it I wasn't expecting!!

Adriane Leigh

"Would he speak Portuguese in the throes of passion? Would a jumble of Latin words fall from those sculpted lips as they sucked and pulled at my flesh?'

Lisa Edward

5 Star Review

This book was really HOT.  It was a great fast, short read.

Toni is just starting her new job.  She is a nurse and had been working at a nursing home and is now working at a hospital with patients of all ages.  She is excited to get into a different environment.  Her very first day she is warned of the patient in room ten being a jerk.  She doesn't let that affect her and she offers to work with him.  She never expected to have chemistry with him.  With this crazy attraction will lines be crossed?  Or will she keep it professional until he is no longer a patient?

Harley is very angry that he is holed up in a hospital with two broken legs.  He wants to be home doing all he things he use to do.  He knows he's an ass, but doesn't care because he doesn't plan to ever see these people again.  Once Nurse Toni walks in his room he knows she is different.  He can't keep his eyes off of her and he doesn't want to scare her off.  Will he push her out if her comfort zone?  Is she just a way to pass time?

I don't normally like erotica novellas because I usually want more story line. I think this book had just the right amount of story and sex.  I loved Toni, Harley and her friend Casey.  This is a definite must read especially if you're looking for a short,  hot read!!  I love Lisa's books and cannot wait for more of her work.

Vicki Green

Roxy Queen

4 Star Review 

This book was a short read.  It was a forty year old woman with a nineteen year old boy. 

Avery is trying to fix up her guest house and finally let go of her parents.  She has been holding off and decides to do it.  Her best friend Bev is having trouble with her son Tyson so she sends him up in the mountains to help Avery. Avery never expected to be attracted to Tyson, but sometimes you can't help it.  Will she just look?  Or will it turn into a steamy affair?

Tyson isn't happy to be up in the mountains helping his moms best friend.  The only good things is she is easy on the eyes.  Ever since he walked in on her and her fuck buddy he can't get her out of his head.  He wants her even though she is old enough to be his mom.   Can he convince her to have a fling?

You don't want to miss this steamy read.  It's a nice read when you don't want a book that is going to take hours to read.

Liv Morris

5 stars

This was a fun read and it was really fast!!

Cammie has some serious daddy issues.  He dad is more concerned about becoming President than he is about his daughter.  She just wants attention.  Doesn't matter what kind. So when daddy sends her a personally guard to watch her she is livid. She doesn't need a babysitter.  What will she do?  Will she go off the deep end and rebel more?  Or will she seduce the bodyguard?

Jude doesn't want to be a glorified babysitter.  He is a war hero and is only stuck doing this because of a mess up that everyone wants to blame him for.  Will he actually babysit her? Will he walk away and risk ruining his career?

You don't want to pass up reading this novella.  It will leave you wanting more.  What happens in the months leading up to the election?  I cannot wait to read more by Liv Morris!!

Nikki Worrell

Jessica Ingro

4.5 Star Review

This book was really good. It was a hot, sexy novella.

Claire has always had the hots for her best friends dad Carter.  She is determined to seduce him this summer.  She doesn't want to ruin her friendship, but thinks her friend will understand if it is love. Can she seduce Carter? Or will he turn he away?

Carter wants Claire, but doesn't think he should peruse her.  She is too young for him and she is best friends with his daughter.  But when she keeps walking around in skimpy bikinis and flirting with him can he resist her?

This book has a lot of sex and it needed a little more story line, but it was still an amazing read.  I loved how the end threw me off!!  This is a definite read if you are looking for a fast, sexy read.

Amalie Silver

Penny Reid

~ Excerpt ~

“Phillip…” His name was a curse and a prayer.
“Look at me.” He whispered, his voice thick with some emotion I wasn’t ready to hear, let alone see.
I squeezed my eyes shut tighter. “I can’t.”
“Please. I want you…” He paused, his hand tugged me softly as though coaxing me to turn toward him. “God, Mal. I need you to look at me when I say this.”
I inhaled a ragged breath and shook my head, my chin wobbled and I was surprised as how difficult it was for me to keep from choking on my words. “Please, just let me go.”

“I’ve tried that.” He growled, his grip on my neck tightening, his tugging a bit more forceful, urgent. “I’ve tried everything. I’ve given you time, space. I’ve stayed close without pushing. I’ve tried to follow your lead—but you never talk to me, not unless it’s in a script. If I have to spend my life watching you without you looking back, I’d rather be blind.” 

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