Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blog Tour: Paradisal Tragedy by Ada Marie

~ Synopsis ~

What do you do when a single turn of events takes your life and flips it upside down?

After a dark and cold night leaves her life changed forever, eighteen-year-old Annabella Adams is left to pick up the broken pieces of her life. Living the past year with a horrible secret, she closes herself off to the world and the people that she loves most. Despite trying to bury the past and move on with her life, everything becomes so much more painful.

Travis Braxton has known nothing but pain. Growing up with a mother who always worked to give him what he needed and a father who abandoned him at the age of seven, he never really knew what it felt like to be a part of a happy home.

When Travis and Annabella meet, the sparks between them are undeniable. Love is the last thing that Annabella needs, but how to you deny something that feels so right? Realizing just how much they are drawn to each other, they set the world on fire. But when Travis learns the secrets of Annabella’s past, things start to unravel. Will they survive the ugliness that the world brought upon them or decide to go their separate ways?

~ Our Review ~
3.5 Holy Cliffhanger Stars by Guest Reviewer Cybill

I really would have loved to give this one more stars but it had a imaturity to the writing. There was a promise of a wonderful story with a little more finess added to the writing. It moved along very quickly, it was campy and cheeky. An it had a mother of a cliffhanger at the end.

Annabella Adams (Bella) is a girl with a secret, dealing with tragedy and lonliness all on her own. Afraid to tell her secret and relieve some of her pain she suffers in silence. Withdrawling from everything that made her who she was. Moving with her parents leaving horror and friends behind she hopes for a fresh start. It draws a little too much on the lonliness she feels and how her innocence was stolen. I got the picture the first few times the author said it.

Travis Braxton is an 18 year old straight A bad boy. He see's no future for himself. His father left the family for another woman and left him and his mother broken. He is arrogant and cocky (though we don't really see a whole lot of this, it is stated). He literally runs into Bella and there is instant attraction he must be her friend.

The relationship between Bella and Travis moves very quickly (a little too fast), and after the violence that Bella has experiences such a short time ago, she would not have trusted Travis so easily. Travis is a great, loving kid. He is understanding and cheeky.

I would love to see where this story goes seeing as it ended with a major hanger! I hope the author grows a little and gives the sequel some more depth. 

~ Excerpt ~

Dear Diary,
I feel like I’m standing at the very top of a cliff, on the edge and the only way to go is down. I’m not quite sure I got here, to be honest. I’m trying to remember back to the girl that I used to be, the one that saw the good in everything, the one that brought the optimism to every situation. I miss her. I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m spiraling down a path unknown, and I don’t know how to find my way back to the light. I’m broken, and I don’t know how to save myself. I was raised a Christian, but lately, I’ve had such a hard time to find my faith with all the cards I’ve been dealt. I’m trying to find peace, I’m trying to fix my faith in God, but how can I do that? If I’m going through this much pain, then how is there possibly a God? I’m not sure where to turn anymore, which is why I write to you. I don’t particularly writing my bare words, my heart on paper for someone to possibly to find, but the thought of saying all my dark thoughts scares me so deeply. I’m lost and I feel alone and the truth is I feel like I’m dying. This life is killing me slowly.
The sad part is that I’ve been living with this secret since it happened. The only optimism I can find in it is the fact that my dad got that job offer all those months before it happened, and I was able to run away from everything. What happened to me, it took apart of me that I’m not sure will ever return. I’m stuck in this darkness, but unlike most darkness’s there’s no light at the end of this tunnel. It’s permanent. I’m falling down, and I don’t know how to get up. Why does it hurt so badly? Life shouldn’t be this hard for an eighteen year old girl? I guess it goes to show that life just isn’t fair and no matter how good you are as a person, you’ll never be able to be happy.

~ Author Bio ~

Ada Marie discovered her talent, love and passion for writing when she was just shy of the age of ten. It started off as poetry, but as the years progressed, she started short stories, and eventually it turned into novels. Its always been a huge part in who she is. She finds it magical and comforting to be able to turn one simple sentence into a full-length novel. Her desire to create such a world of her own was brought on by all the books she read throughout the years. 

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