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Blog Tour and Character Interview: Tethered by LD Davis

~ Synopsis ~

From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Accidentally On Purpose trilogy…

“You were born to be mine and I was born to be yours.”

Donya Stewart’s chest filled with the soft beating wings of butterflies when she first met Emmet Grayne’s green eyes at the ripe age of five. Unable to identify the tugging pressure within her when in his presence, Donya moved through the first several years of her life addled by her feelings for the boy who was her best friend’s brother, and very much like her own sibling. But one cool autumn night in her mystifying teenage years, Emmet erases any ideas Donya has of him being anything like a sibling.

Donya and Emmet, unable to deny the invisible cord that fetters them together on an incredibly visceral level, begin a long journey on a road abounding with challenges, hurdles, and destructive forces. Their love for one another is absolute, and the emotional link between them is strong, but when they make a series of painful decisions and mistakes that pull them apart, the strength of that tether is challenged.

Donya’s career as a model took her around the world and away from Emmet who was working hard for his law degree. When Donya makes a hard decision for both of them, the tether between them stretches beyond what seems possible.

“The tether contorted and quivered and groaned in protest.”
Happy endings aren’t always a guarantee, even for two people who were born into this world for each other. With age comes maturity and hindsight. Will Emmet and Donya have to live apart and with the consequences of their choices? Will the link between them bring them together or prove to ensnare them in heartache?

If you are in search of an angst-filled romance novel, get tied into Tethered…

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5 Star Review

This book is a long read.  It's that book that never ends.  It goes on and on my friend.  But it is sooooo worth ever moment it took to read it. It will have your heart melting and then breaking into a million pieces.  Donya and Emmet are very hard headed people.  It is a long book because we got three books in one so we didn't have to wait on the books!

Donya had a shitty home life and was blessed to have the Grayne family in her life.  They raised her when her parents wouldn't.  She had an instant connection to Emmet.  They had a special connection.  Try were tethered together.  They could feel the others presence.  The Grayne's didn't think Emmet and Donya should date. They were suppose to be brother and sister.  What will they do?  Can they make a relationship work?

Emmet is trying to hid his attraction to Donya.  He knows that they are too young, well at least Donya is.  He tries to wait until she is older, but still she doesn't want him.  He tries to forget Donya, but their connection won't let him.  He does a lot of stupid things that push Donya away. Can he become the man for her? Will they have there HEA?

This book is full of ups and downs.  Donya and Emmet are strong, stubborn people.  They do something without thinking through all the ramifications of their actions.  They both hurt the other and caused a lot of unnecessary pain in their lives, but I believe it was meant to happen that way.  They were both immature and not ready to be together. They both had to learn to grow and become the people they were meant to be.  Can they overcome their choices in life and come together?

If you have read the accidently on purpose books them you will love this books.  You get a bigger glimpse into Emmy's life and her family. I loved that.

~ Character Interview ~

Hello Donya and Emmet.  Thank you both for sitting down and answering some questions I have for you both.

Emmet it may seem like I don't like you, but I do. I didn't for awhile though and it took a lot to look past some of the hurtful things you did, but you and Donya are made for one another so I am happy you guys finally made your way to each other.

Thank you, I think…

1.     Biggest Regret with each other?

Donya: It’s hard to regret when we have Rosa and Owen, but I regret breaking up with Emmet. I don’t think I should have given up my career, but I regret not trying. We were meant to be together, it would have worked itself out.

Emmet: It’s simple. I should have never let her go.

2.     Emmet I think differently than Donya.
I feel that when she left you because you wanted to quit school and follow her she was doing it for you and so you wouldn't end up resenting her later in life.
What do you think about it now?

I hate that we weren’t together, but I know she wasn’t being selfish. We were both very young, but Donya especially deserved and had every right to follow her career. She knew me like no one else, and I most likely would have had some resentment later. Not necessarily resenting Donya, but I would have resented the situation.

3.     Emmet why were you so careless with sex?  (Never using condoms?)

The word isn’t “never.” I did use condoms with other women. I don’t have the answer you are looking for – maybe you already answered it. I was careless.

4.     Emmet, why after you knew that Donya didn't like Stella would you continue to hang out with her and try to hide it? That made me think you were guilty of something.

Stella wasn’t a threat and I never hid my friendship with her. When Donya called me from California, the only reason I hesitated to tell her is because I instinctively knew that something was wrong on her side and I didn’t want to exasperate that in any way. Stella and I had common friends, and I wasn’t going to stop spending time with my friends just because there was a chance that Stella would be there. I was guilty of nothing.

5.     Emmet I felt you were an asshole.  Sorry.
Even though Donya broke your heart why was it okay for you to bring a girl home, but she couldn't move on and bring a guy home? And it was several years later unlike you barely waiting anytime to flaunt another girl at Donya.

Yes, I was an asshole. I wasn’t flaunting. I was trying to move on, and yes, I had a meltdown when she brought Jerry home. She wasmine. If she had come alone, I would have dropped everything to be with her…. She handled it well when I brought someone home, and I didn’t handle it well when she did the same. Donya always has been and always will be the better person.

6.     Donya I really loved how you punched Jerry when you told him you were pregnant.
What made you stay with him then?

I wanted to make the best of my situation. I thought Jerry would come around. I was desperate to make it work. Failing didn’t seem like an option, and I especially didn’t want to prove Emmet right….

7.     Emmet why didn't you move to NY and take the bar exam so you could be closer to Donya?

I thought I was doing the right thing. I still had a lot of work ahead of me and she was still working full time. I didn’t want to slow her down.

8.     Donya I know that you loved modeling.
If you could do it over again would you work less so you could have stayed with Emmet and not missed out on so much with your family?

It wasn’t just that I loved modeling, I was good at it. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I was proud to be good at my work. Like I told Emmet, though, I didn’t want to become my mother, and I felt that keeping my job was the only way to do that. If I had to do it again, I would perform balancing acts of epic proportions to make it all work. I would keep my job, keep my man, and still have time for Fred, Emmy, and Sam.

9.     I have to say that I love how Fred interrupted you guys at Emmy and Luke's wedding.   Do you think he prevented you both from doing something you would regret?

Donya: I wouldn’t have regretted Emmet. Never. But I would have regretted my lack of self-control. I would have regretted being labeled a cheater. I would have regretted the fallout. I would have regretted being a home wrecker to Emmet’s family & seeing Owen, and even Casey hurt as a result. I know that if we would have continued, it would have never stopped. I wouldn’t have let go of Emmet. Jerry was the least of my worries, and Rosa would have been okay, but Owen? I would have deeply regretted that.

Emmet: I wouldn’t have regretted Donya either, but she is right. Cheating would have been wrong, and I had hurt Casey enough by not giving her the love she deserved. The fallout would have been tremendous and Owen would have been hurt the most, because I wouldn’t have been able to stop either. I would have broken every rule to continue to be with Donya. At least when Casey and I finally parted ways, it was amicable and as gentle on Owen as possible.

10.  How many more kids do you guys want?

Donya: We haven’t limited ourselves to a certain number. We’ll keep going until we agree to stop I guess. I love us as parents together – our family is beautiful and even when it’s chaotic and stressful, it’s…perfect. I don’t mind adding to that perfection.

11.  Donya I know you traveled a lot of places as a model. Where would you like to make sure your kids get to visit?

I know you think I’m going to say Paris, right? Maybe Milan? To be perfectly honest, I want them to become familiar with all of the places that had significance to Emmet and I. New York, L.A., Paris, Louisiana. Of course the area where we grew up in New Jersey – twenty minutes away from Philadelphia, two hours away from New York, an hour and change from the beach, a plane ride away from Louisiana. I know it isn’t glamorous, but they are meaningful places.

12.  Donya if you could do it all over again would you tell Emmy your feelings for Emmet?

Yes. No question about it. Then maybe she would have been able to come to me when she was suffering…

13.  Emmet why leave Emmy behind just because Donya hurt you?

Emmy and Donya were closer than sisters. I couldn’t look at Emmy and not see Donya. It was too much to take, especially if Em started talking about her. I didn’t think Emmy cared either way, but I was wrong. I was selfish, and my sister suffered for it. I’ll never forgive myself for not being there when she needed me most.

14.  Donya I don't understand why you married Jerry.  I know Emmet hurt you, but I feel that you got married just to spite Emmet?  Why did you go through with the wedding?

After Emmet’s revelation, I could only see a dead end for us. I could have made a half dozen other decisions that day. I really did love Jerry at the time, and I thought I could be happy with the man I thought I was marrying, but no matter what I told myself then or how pretty I wrapped up that little package, when I later reflected on that day, I knew the truth. I wanted to spite Emmet. I wanted to prove that the tether between us didn’t matter, that I didn’t need him. I wanted to prove that I could be happy with someone else. I was wrong…

15.  I felt bad for Casey in all of this.  The only thing she was guilty of was letting Emmet near her without a condom. Emmet did you honestly try to be the best husband to her you could?  Or did you only marry her because Donya married Jerry?

Casey was then, and still is a remarkable, kind woman. I really did try to be the best husband I could be to her. I did – I still do – love her, but not the way a husband ought to love his wife. There was always a large part of me that was locked away from Casey, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t give her that part of me – I couldn’t because that part of me belonged to Donya. Admittedly, part of me married her because I couldn’t stand to be alone with my thoughts and emotions surrounding Donya and Jerry, but the bigger part of me wanted to do the right thing. Casey was pregnant with my child, and she was a good woman, a good friend, and deserved that respect. 

Thank you both for answer these questions!! I had a great time.  Wish you and the kids a happy life full of love.

Thank you!

~ Author Bio ~

L.D. Davis is the New York Times Bestselling author of the novel Accidentally On Purpose and the novella Pieces of Rhys. L.D. began writing at a very young age with consistent support from teachers and friends. When she was only thirteen years old, she wrote her first romantic novella. A few years later at the age of nineteen, she completed another. Always writing, but never attempting to publish, L.D. left many projects unfinished over the years, but when she was thirty-four years old, she self-published her first full-length novel, Accidentally On Purpose. L.D. is currently working on two more books to go along with Accidentally On Purpose, two more projects to go along with Pieces Of Rhys, and several other novels.

L.D. has a serious addiction to reading, especially contemporary romance novels. She also loves the work of Dean Koontz, Janet Evanovich and classics like Lord Of The Rings and Jane Austen’s novels. She lives in a small East Coast town with her five children and husband.

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