Monday, February 3, 2014

Review of Full Steam Ahead by Valerie Chase

~ Synopsis ~

Seven days aboard a luxury cruise. 
The perfect getaway from it all. 
At least, that’s what Georgia Cantwell is hoping for...

With her inbox filling with menacing emails, Georgia just wants to run away from her shattered life on her sorority's winter break cruise. What she doesn’t need is green-eyed Jace McLaren seeing through her tacked-on smile and stealing her breath away with each tantalizing kiss. 

Growing up with a father in jail, Jace knows from experience that if you’re going through hell, there’s no way out but through. He has always steered away from girls like Georgia with her ice-queen attitude, but she’s in real trouble, and despite himself he pushes past her walls.

As much as Georgia tries to ignore it, Jace won’t let her pretend with him. But she can’t tell him the truth. Her past would ruin his trust, her family, her future—everything. 

But out on the open ocean, there’s nowhere to hide. And when Georgia’s secrets come tumbling out, it might take more than Jace to get her through the storm.

~ Review ~
4 Star Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast, fun read.

Georgia is running from life.  She keeps a secret from everyone and it is slowly killing her.  The one person she told left her.  So she is determined to keep it to herself to save herself the heartache.  So when things heat up with Jace she is determined to not tell him.  If her boyfriend of over a year left her because of her secret, Jace won't stick around.  Especially since it has only been days.
Will she open up to him?  Will he leave her alone?

Jace has never cared what people say about him.  He lets then say it and never corrects them.  His go is graduate from college and move on to med school.  He doesn't normally go for girls with baggage, but there is just something about Georgia that draws her to him. He wants to know why she is closed off.  He doesn't understand how her friends haven't noticed it when he has for months. He wants to get to know her, but can he live with her secret?  Or will it year them apart?

This is a great read.  I really liked the fun side and not having all the angst.  That gets old fast.  This is going to be a series, but each book will be about different characters!!

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