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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Tortured Souls by Kirsty Dallas

~ Synopsis ~

Emily Donovan didn't know love, she didn't know gentle and her future wasn't hers to own. Because HE owned her. There is only so much one soul can take before it is broken beyond repair and she had reached that milestone long ago.
Braiden Montgomery had secrets, secrets that would see a special place in hell reserved just for him. He was trying to make amends, trying to find his own form of redemption when a waif of a girl with jet black hair and pale blue eyes seized his heart. 
Emily's soul had been tortured by men like Braiden, so trusting the dark haired Dom would be one of the most difficult things she would ever do. For a man with skills like Braiden, keeping 'Em' safe would be a piece of cake. Bringing her frozen heart back to life might just prove impossible though.

~ Our Review ~
4 Star Review by Guest Reviewer Jessica

I really enjoyed the first two books in Kirsty Dallas’s Mercy’s Angels series and had been anxiously awaiting the third installment. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed! Although it is possible to read each book as a standalone, I would highly recommend reading them in order; many of the characters make appearances in each book and I think the reading experience is enhanced when you have a clearer understanding of the different backstories.
Braiden first made an appearance in Fighting Back and the sexy, mysterious private investigator was an enigma. It was clear he had secrets and I was dying to find out more about him. In Tortured Soul, I got my chance. Braiden is an alpha male through and through, protective and focused. He has a brutal past and has committed acts that he believes are unforgiveable. In an attempt to break from that past and possibly find a semblance of redemption, he joins his cousin Dillon’s PI firm. It is through his work with Dillon that Braiden first crosses paths with Emily.
Emily’s story is truly heartbreaking. After leaving her small hometown for the bright lights of Las Vegas as a sixteen year old, she falls under the control of a wealthy, evil man who enslaves her for the next several years. Her life becomes an endless cycle of brutality and torture, until all that remains of Emily is a shell of a girl.
Braiden becomes singularly focused on rescuing Emily but from the beginning, it is clear that there is more driving him than just a civic duty. Braiden is also a Dom and Emily’s naturally submissive nature draws him to her. I loved watching the relationship between the two of them unfold. Ms. Dallas allows it to happen slowly and naturally. Braiden was engaged in a constant internal struggle to suppress him dominant tendencies in order to allow Emily to fully heal. Ironically, it is just those tendencies that the broken but resilient Em found so appealing in her rescuer.

It was fantastic catching up with the characters from the previous books in the series and finding out what they had been up to. This is by no means a light, fluffy series and Tortured Soul is the darkest yet. However, Kirsty Dallas knows just how to temper the angst with moments of humor (I LOVED Bomber!) so that you’re not tempted to completely smash your Kindle is despair. The Mercy’s Angels series is one you don’t want to miss if you appreciate dark, sexy reads with well-rounded characters. I’m throwing out a shameless plea to the author for a book focusing on Bomber and Gabby (pretty please???). In any case, do yourself a favor and dive into this series!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA -- as it turns out, Gabby and Bomber will spice up the pages of their own book which will release towards the end of the year!!!! Annie and Dillon are up next, followed by Lola and Drew, THEN Gabby and Bomber ;-) I love Bomber almost as much as this review. This totally rocked my night! KD