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Blog Tour and Giveaway: It's Not Over by A.L. Zaun

~ Synopsis ~

"If I let go, will you catch me?"

He had wanted her to help him win his ex-girlfriend back.  She had wanted to teach him a few lessons on how to treat a woman. Neither one had planned for the unexpected.

I couldn't stand by and watch. It hit too close to home.  I had to run fast and far to get away and forget him.  He weaseled his way into my life, making me question rules I lived by and turned my orderly life upside down.  I'm falling apart and coming undone.  I don't do that.  I'm Madison Stuart.  I live by my rules.  I won't be derailed by a man.  I won't...I can't.

She's gone. I'm desperate and going insane.  I'll do whatever it takes to find her.  I don't know when it happened, but I won't let her go, not like this.  What has she done to me?  I'm Rick Marin for crying out loud.  I don't chase women, but she's not just a woman.  She's Maddy--my Maddy--and I need her.
 Follow Rick and Madison's story, The Do Over's most notorious couple, as they learn It's Not Over.

~ Review ~
4.5 Star Review

I have been looking forward to this book since I read The Do Over!  You should read The Do over before this book because you learn how Rick and Madison's relationship starts.

Madison is a strong, independent woman.  She is not one of these females who is whiny and relies on the man for everything.  She is almost too stubborn.  She doesn't know how to let people help her. She thinks they all will want something in return or think she is weak if she has help.  So when Rick comes around doing nice things Maddie doesn't know how to take it.  Will she let Rick in? Or will she ruin it and run him off?

Rick is a cocky asshole.  He has always got what he wanted and never heard No.  He was a lying, cheating, munipulitve jerk until Maddie started training him.  He didn't realize how much he relied on Maddie until she up and left without a word.  Will he prove to her that she is what he wants?  That he knows that Dani isn't right for him?

This is an amazing book.  This will be a two part book.  Both these characters have some pretty messed up pasts.  Will Rick and Maddie become free of everything that is holding them back?

~ Character Interview ~ 

We stood outside of the quaint door and I ran my hands down Rick’s shirt.
“So, how do I look, babe?” he asked as if I was about to tell him something he didn’t already know.

“You clean up good, Marin.” I straightened my own skirt and then quickly tucked a loose tendril behind my ear.  “We’re going to rock this interview.”

“No shit.” He winked and knocked.

Hello Rick and Madison! Thank you for taking time out of your day to sit down with me and answer some questions!!

Rick held the door open for me.  I shot him a quick smile to give him that little positive feedback. Manners, after all, go a very long way.  

“Hello, Heather, thank you so much for having us,” I said politely, taking a seat on the sofa. I looked up and spotted Rick unbuttoning the cuffs on his sleeves and rolling them up as he walked toward me.

“Heather, you look absolutely beautiful today.” His eyes scanned the room as he made himself comfortable. “Love the place.” He slipped his arm around my shoulder and leaning over, placed a kiss on my temple.

Madison: What where you really thinking when you saw Rick at the airport?

“My first thoughts?” My eyes glanced up to her and then shifted over to Rick.

“Yeah, babe. I want to hear this.” He sidled up closer to me and drew soft designs with his fingers along my neck.  A soft tingle shot through my body and I quickly pressed my legs together to soothe the subtle ache.

I shrugged my shoulders and cocked my head to the side. “That he was an insufferable asshole that was incapable of letting me have a moment of peace.”

Rick’s fingers wove in my hair and he chuckled. “She’s so full of shit. If you would’ve seen her face, you would’ve known that she wanted to jump me right there.”

I rolled my eyes. “Your ego, Rick is going to be your downfall.” I glanced over at Heather and pursed my lips. “What can I say?  He grew on me. When I saw him there I wanted to be like those ridiculous women that” —my eyes darted to him momentarily— “were like his precious Daniela.”

Rick: When exactly did you realize you had feelings for Maddie? Well that you were "In Love"?

I rocked my head from side to side to ease the tension that was starting to strangle me while I loosened the collar of my shirt. Clearing my throat, I asked, “What was that again?”

Madison shot daggers at me. Fuck, I hate when she gets pissed off at me.

My mouth was parched and my lips dry. I rubbed them together and lick the corner to see if I could stimulate something.  Madison crossed her arms and pulled away from me. Fuck.  

I pulled her against me and looked up at Heather with a flat smile. “Heather, I’m a guy. To explain how my feelings evolved would be to understand how a tsunami forms and then washes across a beach leveling everything in its path.”

Madison’s body went rigid. “What?”  I ask, confused.

“Tsunami’s a destructive force, you idiot.”  She sighed and looked away.

“Tsunami’s” —I turn her face toward me— “are destructive but they’re also powerful. They take hold of you and are a force you have no control over. It’s huge, Maddy.”  I grazed my lips over hers. “It’s huge. I can’t tell you the moment I fell in love with her. I just did.”

“You’re such a sap.” Her mouth hovers over mine.

 Maddie: Why do you constantly call Rick an asshole?

I shifted in my seat and smiled. “Because he is one.”

Rick: where do you want to live and what do you want to do for work for you and Maddie?

It was about time she asked me something easy.

“I want to live in Rick Marin country where I’m the king.”  I shrugged.  

Madison scoffed. “You’re ridiculous.” She addressedHeather. “And you ask me why I call him an asshole? Do you really need an answer to that question? You’re witnessing it first hand.”

Maddie: Do you think that Rick and you will ever get married? Have babies? Rick: do you see marriage and babies in the future?

Rick lowered his hand and brought it over mine. Our fingers laced together. That’s our answer.

Maddie: Why would you keep going back to Alex?

Rick’s body went rigid and his jaw clenched. Did Heather really have to go there?  Why on earth talk about Alex? This was a sore subject. Didn’t she get the list of subjects that were off limits?  

I squeezed Rick’s hand. “That’s in the past.”

Rick: What are your thoughts on Alex and the control he seems to have over Maddie?

“Next question,” I said, raking my teeth over my bottom lip.

Maddie: When are you finally going to put Alex and your brother in their place? Take their man cards like you do to Rick on a daily basis.

I sighed. Heather was like Rick with this relentless line of questioning.  She wanted an answer; I was going to give it to her.

I straighted up in my seat and steadied my stare on her. “Heather, it’s complicated.” I glanced away for a moment, taking a deep breath. “Let’s leave it at that.”  

I raised an eyebrow, making sure she understood.

Rick and Maddie: Where do you each see your lives in 5 years? Together? Alone?

Rick shook his head as he swiveled in his seat. His eyes softened from the fury that were there moments ago. His lips curled.  “I see myself with her. A little bit of heaven, a whole lot of hell, but right where I belong.”

I wanted to believe him and I hoped to God he was right. Today, I saw us together, and that’s all that mattered.

I smiled at him.

I have had so much fun hanging out with you two!! Thanks again for sitting down with me!! I wish you both the best in life.

We both turned toward her. Rick extended his hand, and I followed suit.  “It was a pleasure meeting you, Heather,” I said with a polite smile.

“Thank you so much for having us. Next time you’re in Miami, look us up,” he said, winking.

~ The Do Over ~

~ Synopsis ~

Life doesn't look like it's supposed to for Dani Ruiz, a hopeless romantic.  After a painful and sudden break-up with Rick Marin, Dani hides away from reality, retreating to a world of fiction where she prefers book boyfriends over the hassles of a relationship.

Almost two years later, Dani’s friends are tired of watching her in a holding pattern, so they stage an intervention, forcing her back into the real world of dating.

Unexpectedly, Dani meets Liam Lucas, a down-to-earth firefighter. He might be the person to show her she’s still worth something. Dani’s hesitant to trust her heart with another man, but their instant and electric chemistry is something she can’t deny.

As Dani starts to believe that she’s found her real-life book boyfriend, Rick decides that he’ll go to any lengths to get her back. Seeing Rick as a changed man makes Dani question everything. 

Can Dani trust her patched-up heart with Liam? 
Or has Rick transformed into the man she’s always wanted? 

Written from various points of views, The Do Over is a story of second chances and new beginnings.

~ Author Bio ~

A.L. Zaun graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and cellphones were the size of a brick.  Her impressive degree did absolutely nothing for her professional endeavors in health care management but did stir her imagination and opened up the world of books in a new way.

Armed with a large bottle of Diet Pepsi and a multi-pack of Extra Sugar-Free gum, A.L. Zaun spends her evenings bringing to life the characters that dominate her thoughts and interrupt her sleep. 

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