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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Away by B.a. Wolfe

~ Synopsis ~

What good is running AWAY when you only end up lost? 

Cassandra Pierce had her whole "perfect" life planned out by her parents. One night of pure weakness and lust has her running away from it all and seeking refuge in Alamosa with her best friend. But it seems life has other plans for her when she finds herself lost in the small town of Keaton. 

Jason Bradley is a charming country guy. He lives a simple life that’s nothing like what Cassandra is used to. A single moment in life changed everything he thought he once knew, leaving him with a broken heart and an unplanned future. 

What happens in Keaton is nothing Cassandra or her heart could have ever prepared for. The instant connection she shares with Jason is no secret, but what they're keeping hidden from one another is. Will these two be able to find a way to trust each other or will their secrets tear them apart?

~ Review ~
5 Star Review

This review is going to be short and to the point.  There is a lot I have to say about this book, but I am against sharing spoilers about a book.  So without further ado here is goes.

Cassandra is on the run from life.  She wants her best friend Mel, to help her through this situation she is in.  Little did she know that her GPS can't tell directions either.  She ends up in a small town in the opposite direction of her friend.  Her she meets the HOT, SEXY cowboy, Jason, that she can't quit thinking about.  What is it about him?  Why can't she stay AWAY?

Over the course of a couple months Jason and her don't know what to do.  They want each other, but she needs to get back to her life and he is still holding on to a big secret that can change everything.

This book really made me mad.  I cried and cried.  I think it is the ugliest cry I have read.  I really felt like a kid on Christmas morning who got everything they wanted just to have it all ripped away at the end of the day.  This book left me in a huge slump. 
I had a lot of trouble with how to rate this book.  I had to step back and think about it.  And at the end of the day this book is most definitely a 5 star book.  An author that can pull emotions out of me months later talking about this book is amazing. I would definitely recommend this book.  You have to go through the journey to understand how I feel.

~ Character Spotlights ~


Age: 21
Favorite Color: Was Purple, has now since changed to Green ;)
Favorite Meal: A good salad
Her ultimate career: To do anything that involves writing. Her parents would have to highly disagree.
"Hi everyone, it's Cassandra. Hmmm, trying to find the right thing to say about myself. I feel like I'm a boring girl. My life's mapped out for me, there's not much to tell. I had a what I thought was a normal upbringing. I live in Denver, Colorado, born and raised. Finance. That's my 'chosen' path, per my Parents. But then in the flash of a light, the pressure, my path, and my mess of a life, all had me running. A lot has changed since the day I left Denver to see my best friend, Mel. Everything I once knew and held to the highest regard, thinking I had no other choice has since been replaced with a new outlook. Life will never be the same..."


Age: 21
Favorite Color: Black. She likes the classic color. Says it makes her look posh. 
Favorite Meal: As long as she's sitting across from a hot piece of man candy, any meal is her favorite.
Her Ultimate date: One where the man takes the control. She's bossy, but would love for once to be told what to do.
"Mel here.  I'm the BFF. The girl who wears the cape when her girl, Cassandra needs her. We fought the bad guys all the way from our maryjane shoes to our six inch heels and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yeah, don't tell Cass, but I mostly fought the demons off for the both of us. And by demons I mean the haters. Parents, mean girls, dickhead boys, and did I mention parents? We're a duo and we always come as a pair. We didn't go to college together, but that didn't stop Cass from trying to come see me when she needed her Super Mel. 'Trying' being the operative word here. That girl couldn't even navigate the high school without getting lost. That doesn't stop me from loving her like a sister though. That's me in a nutshell. Anything else and you'll have to ask B.A. Wolfe when I get a book, cause I'm feeling a little left out here *taps foot with hands on hips*."


Age: 22
Favorite Color: Blonde -"Jase, that's not a color." "Uh, yeah it is. And it's my favorite. Put it down, Sweetheart."
Favorite Meal: The usual ;)
Favorite childhood memory: Playing a simple board game with his family. Cassie knows his favorite!
"Jason Bradley here *waves* I also go by Jase, a few special people in my life call me that *grins*. I live in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. Actually, it's not named, nowhere, it just feels that way. It's a tiny town with only one stoplight named, Keaton. I was born and raised here. A little about myself? Well, *raises a brow* I'm a good dancer, but it took a lot of practice. I also make a mean breakfast. You can ask Cassie about that one. Honestly? I'm just your average Joe around here. I'm not anything special or fancy. Cowboy boots, Wranglers, and a hearty appetite for life is who I am, Jason. I enjoy all that it has to offer, including a scared girl that came crashing into my life. And for that, I know that my life will never be the same. And I don't want it to be..."


 Age: 22
Favorite Color: "Is grease a color?" SMH at him.
Favorite Meal: Anything at Grandma Maggie's house.
One thing you're afraid of: "Why would I share that? I'm trying to attract the ladies, not scare them into thinking I'm afraid of something."
"Name's, TJ, but they call me Moose. Not by choice, but it stuck and we 'ran' with it, as Jase would say. I'm also a kick ass best friend. I might even argue I'm the ultimate when it comes to best friends. Melanie can move on over. *Grins, a little too much* What can I say about myself? *taps finger on chin* I grew up in this small town along with Jason and our clan of friends. We stayed in Keaton though, while they all left. I run the mechanical shop with my dad and we also own a hardware shop. I've been fixing cars since I could walk. Well, that's what my dad says, but I'd bet I was thinking about cars since I was cozy in the womb. The only thing I love more than cars is my best friend, Jason. We're partners in crime in whatever we do. It's always has been that way. He's my rock and I'm his. Although, he might disagree some days, but he knows it's true. I never went to college... maybe someday. We'll see how long I stay here in Keaton. That's me in a nut shell, ladies. *winks*"

~ Author Interview ~

1. What made you want to become an author?
I've always loved to write. Writing a book was the ultimate dream, but it was so far fetched for me to think about, I never let it be a possibility. Something about wording a sentence just right that moves a reader and moves a writer, captivates me. It wasn't until I found out about Indie publishing that I EVER thought becoming an author who published a book was a possibility. It was right after reading Collide and I'll never forget that moment, ever.

2. What is your favorite book you wrote? 
Away ;)

3. What authors inspired you to write? 
Gail McHugh. Not only are her words life changing, and her books unforgettable, SHE is an amazing person. I can't even tell you how many times she emailed me back with numerous answers to my bucket loads of questions I would pour on her. Thank you will never be enough. She kept me going when she didn't even know me from Adam, but she encouraged me to keep writing.

4. What are your favorite scenes to write? 
Drama. Heartbreak. Scenes that are full of angst. They come out easily and in full force. I also love to write the scenes when the guy and girl first meet. The flirt, the sweaty palms, the batting of the eye lashes. Something about that first meet and great gives me butterflies.

5. What do you do to put yourself in the mood to write? 
Music! I need some good tunes to get me in the mood. Whether it be slow, fast, loud, or quiet. I need it! The words don't even have to go with what I'm writing, but the beat... it has to fit! Oh... and also, GUMMY BEARS! LOL! I need something to chew on while I write!

6. Do you listen to music while writing?
 HAHAHA! Yes! ;) See #5

7. Do you have a special place you write? 
I usually write at my breakfast nook on my barstool. Totally uncomfortable, but it's where I've always wrote! sometimes, I get crazy and move to the dinning table when my butt cheeks can't take the bar stool anymore! haha

8. Do you like writing in female or male POV more? 
At first, writing in Male POV scared the piss out of me. Writing like a man? Hell... I can't even figure men out half the time, they seem simple on the outside, but inside their are like an onion, LOTS of layers and hard to figure out. BUT after popping my Male POV cherry, I absolutely love it! I would have to say I enjoy writing both POV's the same now!

9. Do you ever cry while writing a book? 
Haha, I love this question! I BAWLED while writing, Away. We're talking... fetal position, black mascara painting my face, puffy eyes, snot and all, cry. Writing moves me, and I love that about it. Visualizing the scene as I write it, and hoping the emotions that are pouring out of me transcribe to paper. Yes, to answer the question, I definitely think it's safe to say I cry!

10. Do you base characters off real people? 
Not intentionally. If I do, it's because something in their personality shined through so hard and made such an impression on me that it needed to be worked into the character. So the whole character will never be based off a real life person, but they might have a few bits of people I know in them! ;)
11. Can you tell me about any upcoming books?
 I might be working on a certain sequel that remains untitled!! Cause if I don't... I am going to have some super angry readers! haha!

~ Author Bio ~

I'm a girl with a passion for reading and desire for writing. You'll find me either reading or sitting by my laptop writing. I have too many favorite books to list but they would all most likely fall under the romance category. I'm a sucker for a good love story, shedding a few tears, and having my heart melted by an amazing book boyfriend! :) If I get free time you might find me watching a movie, my second love! 

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