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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Unexpected by Dulaney-Glen

~ Synopsis ~

Ian wasn't ready to meet Grace Holtsen. In no way was he prepared for her. But can you ever be ready for fate to step in? Can you ever be ready to meet the one person who will change your entire existence? Ian knew that Grace would change everything he was used to, but something about her made it worth it. For the first time somebody seemed worth the risk. Will Ian jump and let fate wait for him at the bottom? Hoping that it can somehow save him...hoping that Grace can somehow save him.

I don't think Grace is like most girls.
Maybe that's the thing that I can't put my finger on.
Maybe for the first time, I've met a girl that's unlike
anyone that I've ever known.

Grace, a single mother and owner of a Nashville recording company, met Ian Paul, a recent college grad and her new employee. The moment he entered her world, it turned upside down. She knew better than anyone that a relationship with Ian would never work. He was never supposed to fit into her life, and she was never supposed to show up in his. But what happened between them was something more than either of them ever anticipated. Grace was unprepared for how bad it would hurt when they were faced with something far more unexpected.

He stole the rest of my heart tonight. I
know that no matter what happens tomorrow, or days from
now, I’ll never want it back.
I could never give it to someone else.
~ Excerpt ~
I whip my car into the station and see one of the attendants standing next to the pumps waiting.

I roll down my window and watch him approach.

Just as he gets there, my cell phone rings. I dig the money out of my wallet and turn to him,

Twenty…premium, please.”

I lift my phone to my ear just as I catch a glimpse of the attendant walking away.

“Hey heart breaker, you there?” Nina chimes.

“Yeah, I’m here. What’s up?” In my rear view mirror, I try to get another look at this guy.  He's

tall and perfectly built with short, dark hair.

He's gorgeous. I get lost in that until Nina asks, “You at The Quickie?

“Um…yeah. Why?”

“Is Weed there?”


“You know, that young college guy that works there weeknights.”

Weed? College guy? I'm not sure who she's talking about until she clarifies with the only way

you can truly describe this man. “You know the guy with the handle bar mustache that wears

the Chicago Bulls jersey all the time.”

“Nina, his name is Reed.”

“To you he’s Reed, to me, his customer, he’s known as Weed.”

“I don’t see Weed-Reed. It’s some new guy.”

“Does he have a mustache? Do you know what he sells?”

“From the looks of him he could sell me anything and I’d buy it.” I look in my side mirror to

sneak another glance at green eyes but I pull away quickly when I see him staring back at me.

“That hot?” she asks.

“Yeah. That hot.”

“I gotta see this for myself.”


“Nina? Hello?”

Next thing I know, I hear the sound of a moped horn and Nina is pulling up next to me.

“What are doing?” I yell out my window at her.

She takes off her turtle shell helmet and smiles over at me, “We are on a dick-free vow

remember? If I can't get any I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and let you get ya freak on with

some gas attendant,” she hisses. “Oh and I need gas. I had to Flintstone it the last mile here.”

I pull over to the side parking area where I slump down into my seat from embarrassment. I

watch in horror as she practically picks up her moped and settles it next to the attendant. The

look on his face is priceless.

I hear the conversation start, “What’s your name,” she asks. Her voice lowers and I know from

here on out it's going to be a shameless flirt session.

He replies with a deep southern accent, “Ian.”

“Well hello there.” She pauses, “Do you know Weed?”

I've yet to figure out her obsession with this guy. She talks about him constantly.

Ian laughs and shakes his head as Nina crawls off her moped and pulls off her seat, “Put five

regular in it and please be careful putting your nozzle in my small tank. I don’t like drippage,”

she declares.

I see Ian double over laughing. He's a good sport because I hear him say, “How’s this?” As he

slowly places the nozzle in her gas tank.

She puts her hand on his back, “You’re really good at this. How long have you been pumping?”

A slow smile crosses his face, “Actually I don’t work here.”

Well, that's embarrassing. Why the hell was he standing next to the pumps if he doesn't work


“And just where do you work?” Nina prods.

“Willow Tree Records.” It's like he’s speaking in slow motion and I see an evil grin spreading

across Nina's face.

We just let one of my employees pump our gas.

 ~ Author Bio ~

K. Dulaney & J. Glen, sisters & authors.
K. Dulaney was born, raised and still resides in the Mountains of North Carolina.  She is the proud mother to an amazing little boy, and happily married to her high school sweetheart.  Dulaney attended Southern Universities and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Family Studies.  Her passion for reading and books began at a very early age, and Dulaney dreamed of one day writing stories of her own.  Partnering with her sister, J. Glen they began a journey that has exceeded their expectations and proven that through hard work and determination, that dream can be a reality.
J. Glen is a North Carolina native currently residing in a small mountainous town.  She attended an East Coast university and obtained a degree in Communication and Journalism.  With an interest in writing at a young age, Glen had one idea of the perfect career and now, along with the help of her sister, she's embarking on a journey to achieve just that.
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