Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Rocker That Savors Me (The Rocker #2) by Terri Anne Browning

~ Synopsis ~
The Rocker That Savors Me

…has had a hard life. On her own at a young age, always having to do what needed to be done just to survive. Now she has two other people depending on her and she needs a job fast before they get evicted. A job interview introduces her to Jesse Thornton, the delicious drummer for Demon’s Wings. He reminds her of all the mistakes of her past, but is also her hope for the future.

…has never let anyone in. The only real family he has ever had are his band brothers and Emmie—the only women he has ever loved. But then Layla comes into his life and he would do just about anything to get one taste. Can he move past his own insecurities and allow this woman into his heart?

~ Our Review ~
4 Star Review by Annie
The Rocker That Savors Me was a fast-paced steamfest.  Wow this book draws you in and has you craving for more.
Layla has had to group up really fast, and now at 25 she is the sole provider for her two sisters. Needing money she unknowingly applies for a job that puts her in daily contact with Jesse Thorton, the smoking hot drummer for Demon Wings.  She has one rule in life, and that is to stay away from rockers. So why is it that she can’t stop fantasizing about him?
The only girl Jesse Thorton has ever loved was Emmie, but now Emmie is all grown up and in love with Jesse’s best friend. Jesse thought that he would never find the one girl to that makes him want anything more than a one night stand until he first heard Layla laugh. Her laugh, her smile and her body all screamed goddess and he could not get her out of his system.
I was hooked on this series since book one, but The Rocker That Savors Me blew it out of the water. I loved how this book ties into the first book and it continued to tell the story of all the other band members. I just can’t seem to get enough of this series and the rock gods that are in it. I cannot wait to see what Terri Anne Browning has in store of us next when we get Drake’s story.


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