Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: This Trust of Mine by Amanda Bennett

"Love cannot be defined by age or time, but by the way that person makes you feel. He made me feel completely vulnerable, but vulnerability I have learned is a gift, one that I will gladly accept from Madison Raine."

Madison had irrevocably changed me. He opened me up to feel things I had never felt, and he never judged me for my past. In the short amount of time I had known him, I had fallen in love with him and everything he encompassed. He showed me how to live, how to enjoy life, but best of all, he showed me how to love. They say bad things happen to good people, well that saying rang truer to me now than ever before. Madison is gone. He is off at school in Arizona, and I just couldn't bring myself to leave with him. That was my first mistake.
See the thing about trouble is, it will always find you. Trouble found me the night he left, and that night forever changed me. Now I am fighting my way back, alone.

Leaving Kayla was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. To say I regret my decision to leave her behind, would be an understatement. My world shifted when I met her and I would forever be changed. Everything felt different now that I was away, everything with her at least. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I needed to go to her to find out what this feeling was, but would she trust me enough to tell me, and could I trust her to forgive me.
"When life, love and heart breaking circumstances stand to pull apart a bond so strong, what do you do without trust?"
Our Review
4.5 Star Review by Annie

This Trust of Mine is an incredible read filled with raw emotions and an amazing storyline. Amanda Bennett takes us on the journey of a girl trying to forget her past and open her heart to the present and a boy who is trying to win back the girl he walked away from.
"Be mine, forever, for today, for however long you want me. Please just say you’ll be with me."
Kayla is struggling to deal with the pain of what happened to her one month ago. With Madison being away at college she feels alone and scared. So instead of telling Madison what happened that horrible night she keeps it in and pushes him away.
"My world is incomplete without you, Kayla. I can’t be without you. I don’t even know why I tried."
Madison left his family and the one girl he could actually see a future with to follow his dream of playing college baseball. The distance was hard enough, but something just didn’t feel right and Kayla was not acting the same. Madison was left wondering if his dream of playing baseball was worth being away from the one girl he loved.
"I need you like I need air to breath. Without you, I feel incomplete."
Madison and Kayla have to be one of my favorite book couples. It is almost like there is a magnetic pull between the two of them that cannot be ignored. Even when they face all the twist and turns life throws at them the attraction and chemistry is undeniable.
This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Just when you think you can’t handle anymore angst the book ends….with a cliffhanger!  
I loved this story.  I loved this couple. I loved it all.  I cannot wait for This Heart of Mine to come out in July.  I would definitely recommend this book and series.


All About Madison
"Man, he was a beautiful specimen of a man. God broke the mold when he created this one, that's for sure"

Full Name: Madison Leroy Raine

Birthday: June 9

Stats: 6'3" muscular build, size 12 shoe, brown hair, green eyes, full sleeve tattoos on both arms, baseball and music lover, I'd tell you the size of other things, but it's probably not appropriate for this interview..haha.

Favorite Food: A nice prime rib.

Favorite Color: Blue now, for obvious reasons ;)

Favorite TV Shows: Dexter, Sons of Guns, Cops, Law and Order SVU, Duck Dynasty, and too many more to say.
Favorite movie: Jaws.

Craziest Thing You’ve Done: The craziest thing, I can't actually tell y'all that one just yet, Very recently though, I had sex on a moving quad that I was driving. Definitely a crazy thing to do, trust me ;)


Worst Dating Experience: I went on a date with this one girl in my senior year of high school, everything started out normal and fun but quickly turned very weird. She started talking about kids and marriage and after I took her home, she practically said she wanted me to be the father of her future children. Needless to say, we never went on another date. Lol.

So you are finally living your dreams and pursuing music, who’s music career do you look up to? I'd have to say The Rolling Stones! To be able to stay together, still perform and sound the way they did forever ago, and to produce amazing music that I believe to he's a piece of everyone who listens to it, that's something to look up. Hopefully Restless Youth will be around as long as they have.

Random Facts We Don't Know About Madison:
I can throw a 100-mph fastball.
I am deathly afraid of flying.
I am obsessed with salt and vinegar chips.
I rarely wear underwear, but when I do it has to be boxer briefs from Express.
I can write with my toes.


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